Calling out to class of 22!

Aleena Salmon

Are you in the class of 2022 and a little scrambled when it comes to preparing for college? Need help with your applications and essays? Well, there are counselors who are willing to meet with you in the school to help you with the process. Take initiative and set up a meeting with your counselor or the college counselor, Ms. Petit, to see what your next steps are in applying to colleges!

The school counselors will help you with navigating through Naviance. Naviance is a great tool that will help you find out the requirements needed for each college you would like to apply to. It takes your GPA, SAT scores and any other scores and pairs them up with your college choices. There is also a college search bar that will help you figure out what colleges are in areas you’re interested it, the population populations (if you would like to specify that), and the kinds of schools you’re interested in. You’re also able to connect your Naviance to your Common Applications, so you can connect all your top choice colleges to begin your application processes on the Common App. Teacher recommendations are also done through Naviance and our counselors can also help you with navigating through that process.

Are you in need of scholarship opportunities as well? Our Carver counselors also provide us with information about various scholarship opportunities and college information tours through schoology and our morning announcements. Be sure to look out for schoology updates from Ms. Pettit! Also, if you’re unsure about information in your college applications or scholarship applications, be sure to email or talk to your counselor or Ms. Pettit. If you have not received your transcript folder from your counselor, be sure to email them as well. Also, be sure to turn in any forms you’ve received in your transcripts folder. Good luck to all!