What’s That Smell? The Secrets of Rooms 2111 and 2115


Meadow Stanley

Woman holding her nose, so stinky!

One of the many niceties of Carver Center are the smells you find yourself immersed in. Paint and canvas in the first floor near Studio, plywood in Carpentry, or even the sticky clay that permeates the rooms surrounding Sculpture. However, if you happen to find yourself in the hallways of Literary, you might be averse to coming back. 

You may be asking me, “Why? It probably smells like books and nerds.”

And yes, it does smell like that…most of the year. But by the second week of school, rooms 2111 and 2115 are immersed in a stench akin to onion, not because the freshmen of Literary smell like onion, but because they’re forced to peel them. Yes, peel them. Layer by layer, excruciatingly slow, to demonstrate the layers that every piece of writing has, and in order to exercise their use of descriptive language. 

As a Lit student, I promise we don’t smell like that all the time, and don’t worry, the smell goes away… eventually.