Silver Lining: A Profile on Ashleigh Neville

Thomas M Armstrong

High up, all the way on the second floor of Carver Center, resides the literary class of 2022. And in the back of that class, typing mercilessly at her computer, is a positive young woman. An unsung hero if you will: Ashleigh Neville.

“I’m sure she’s had bad days, but she never lets it show. She’s always upbeat and she has a strong sense of humor,” Ms. Mlinek, literary department chair, observes. She says that Neville’s passion and enthusiasm for the senior project has helped keep the entire class inspired, and their spirits up throughout the year. She has also helped them with mastering the screenwriting format which, Emma Oakes ’22 reports, she knows front and back.

This is because Neville has spent the last four years working hard on her senior project: Skyliners, a screenplay for an animated movie. “She just goes full force in everything she loves,” Isa Vidal expresses, “She doesn’t let anything get her down.” And it shows! Neville first developed her thesis in middle school and to be able to stick with the idea for so long, write it, and then publish it tells of her resilience.

On top of that, Neville loves animals and plans to study zoology in the future. Her genuine interest in animals helped her write her screenplay, which takes inspiration from different aspects of animals.

“She’s spent her time here working really hard without calling attention to herself. I think it’s time she gets some recognition” Ms. Mlinek states, and so this piece goes out to her. Thank you, Ashleigh, for your contagious positivity and enthusiasm throughout your time here at the Carver Center.