Classroom on Wheels

Classroom on Wheels

Haleigh Frye , Journalist

 Have you ever felt like boring classrooms made you feel stuck?

Do they make you feel more discouraged to learn or do your work?

You see teachers with packed carts left and right, dashing through the hallways. You go from one classroom to the next, only to enter the negative environment that fills the room: 4 blank walls, rows of desks, white boards filling the front and back of the classroom. You look around the room and your eyes turn to the walls: no personality. There are 4 blank walls surrounding you for an hour and 30 minutes, and in some cases those walls aren’t even broken up by windows.

We stare at blank walls all day, from one class to another except our prime classes or some science classrooms. Carver students have told me when they walk into their prime classrooms, they feel more comfortable and enjoy learning more. That inspiration comes from the environment that our teachers have specially designed for students. A classroom’s personality should not be constricted to 4 wheels, I mean we are an art school. We should embrace personality in all classrooms, allowing all students to appreciate their environment and enjoy their learning more, rather than feeling like they are forced to sit in boring classrooms.

Look around. Next time you go into your prime classroom or even your science classroom you should take a look around. Appreciate the decorations, appreciate the hard work and time that each of these teachers took to make the space feel more comfortable, appreciate the uniqueness that comes when you enter the classroom, that makes that classroom unlike any other in the school. 

Have you ever been searching up and down the hallways because you realize teachers do not have their own classroom? Yeah, me too. Instead of putting our classroom on wheels, let’s take the opportunity to give every teacher their own classroom. With enough effort, it is possible. This will give not only students but also teachers the opportunity to express themselves and what they are passionate about.