New Teacher Features!

New Teacher Features!

The 2020/2021 school year here at Carver Center welcomes not only a new class but a  few brand new teachers as well! We would like to take a moment to introduce our community to these wonderful new teachers. Welcome to Carver!

We would first like to introduce Mr. Chandler, our new physics teacher. Mr. Chandler found his love for Physics in his senior year of high school, he always knew he wanted to study science or engineering but after being inspired by Mr. Schmidt, his high school physics teacher and encouraged by his high school swim coach to look into teaching he knew his mind was set. Outside of teaching Mr. Chandler has a lot of hobbies such as playing competitive ultimate frisbee and disc golf, mountain biking, backcountry camping, juggling, gardening, seeing live music , and traveling to other countries. Mr. Chandler also loves to spend time with his fiancé and friends, training and playing with his new puppy and binge watching TV. His favorite music artists are Phish (Song: 46 Days) , Streetlight Manifesto (Song: A Better Place a Better Time), and Spafford (Song: Ain’t That Wrong). When asked about virtual teaching Mr. Chandler says,  “ I MISS seeing students and working with students face-to-face. I can’t do all the demonstrations or use my physics “toys” daily. It’s sad that there’s no sports, performances, showcases, etc.  It’s harder to build connections and really get to know my students, but that doesn’t stop me from trying! Lastly, sitting down all day…I need movement!” He added that there are some positive aspects of virtual teaching:  “I can sleep in a little more. I can see my lovely fiancé and puppy more!”  When asked what does he think he personally can bring to the carver community? he responded, “I think I will bring a positive energy, unique personality, and a love of the science/art combination.” We are all super excited to have Mr. Chandler be a part of our faculty!

We would also like to welcome Senora Covell, a fantastic addition to the Carver community as a new Spanish teacher. She believes education is “the path to success” that is why her goal as a teacher is to help students be successful. She specifically became a Spanish teacher because she believe that educating students about another culture makes them more accepting human beings. Outside of school, Senora Covell loves hiking with her dog, watching sports, and going to concerts with friends and family. The Alchemist is her favorite book and holds very special meaning to her. It was given to her by someone special when she first arrived in the U.S. after leaving everything behind in El Salvador. Virtual teaching has been difficult for Senora Covell, but much like other teachers, and students, she tries to stay positive, although she would much rather interact and get to know her students.  Senora Covell is one in many that actually sees a positive in teaching virtually, because now she doesn’t have to worry about what to wear,  the busy early morning commute, and she gets to spend more time with her dog. She spent her quarantine hiking, baking, and working in an Italian restaurant. Some special qualities Senora Covell  will be bringing to carver is her humor, acceptance and her compassion. We are so lucky to have her as a part of our carver community. Welcome to Carver Senora Covell!

Next up is Mr. Jacob Slate, the newest addition to our physical education staff. When asked about why he became a teacher, he stated: “I enjoy being in a leadership role and using that platform to see kids succeed. I chose to apply for carver after hearing about their strong academics and diverse population.” And he seems to be coping with the pandemic well since he enjoys saving the gas money however “some cons are I miss being in the gym and doing team sports and activities with my students!” Aside from teaching, Mr. Slate enjoys golf, visiting cool places around Baltimore (he is originally from New York) and dusting off the old PlayStation.  He also enjoys reading and one of his favorite books is Tuesday’s with Morrie. And when asked how he occupied the quarantine he said, “I played golf in when the weather was nice once or twice a week and also made trips to New York to visit family.” When the quarantine is over, he hopes to go back to the building and meet with colleagues, “because I believe I can be a positive, energetic teacher that looks forward to working with students every day. I also have the ability to coach several sports should the opportunity arise.” We can’t wait to get back either! A warm welcome to you, Mr. Slate.

Following is Mr. Bradley Kim, the latest addition to our math department, not only enjoys teaching the youth, but also enjoys: A rousing game of tennis, hanging out with friends, spending time with his lovely family and also watching music competition videos. His favorite book is “The Purpose Driven Life” and his favorite movie is “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ( ill have to check it out…). He also isn’t afraid to jam out to some Korean music/ K-pop(shoutout to all the K-pop fans reading) and his favorite song is “Bridge over troubled water”. And during the quarantine Mr.Kim kept himself busy by catching up on tv, playing some extra tennis, and joining the amount us hype train.When asked about his teaching career, Mr.Kim stated this” I have been a private math tutor for a long time in which I started in middle school.” Isn’t that neat? He also stated”I wanted to become a teacher because I have always had the heart to work with the youth to see them grow and shine to be the best person that they can be. I had several inspiring teachers throughout my childhood who did not only care for my academic success, but also cared for my well-being and for who I was as a person. I wanted to make the same positive impact as they did. Teaching has always been my passion. Building positive relationships and seeing students grow academically (especially in math) and socially over the course of each school year and beyond brings me great joy as an educator.”And why he chose carver he stated “I chose Carver because it has been recognized as one of the best high schools in BCPS and for its phenomenal magnet programs that allow students to express themselves freely and to display their gifts and talents in a positive manner to the community. Before teaching at Carver, I taught at Deer Park Middle School for seven years. I served as the Good News Ambassador for the school during those years. I thought it was very important as a teacher to attend as many school-related activities, events, concerts, and performances as I could to show my support for my students, especially with music, visual arts, and performing arts. I believe that music and art help students academically that encourages them to stay focused and disciplined to display quality performance or work. I had many former students who graduated from Carver and currently attend Carver. Several students, now graduates of Carver, kept in contact with me during their time at Carver sharing their  wonderful experiences in high school and have encouraged me to teach at Carver if the opportunity comes. They believed that I would be a great asset to the Carver community. Towards the end of last school year, I believed it was time for me to make a transition in my teaching career and make a positive impact to students and educators in a new school community. Thankfully, I was given this amazing opportunity to teach at Carver for the 2020-2021 school year. “ Also asked was an opinion on virtual teaching and his response “Overall, I have adjusted well with the changes of the pandemic and virtual learning even though there have been times of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and fatigued. I have constantly reminded myself to live in the present as we never know what the future holds and to put my full effort to be the best teacher I can be for my students and the best teammate I can be to my coworkers in this virtual environment today. I have been in constant communication with my respective departments and teams to support each other in which we are able to get through this together. In addition, I have checked in with close friends to see how they have been coping with the day-to-day changes and in return have received words of encouragement and affirmation for all that I do teaching virtually.”Pros: No commuting, staying at home, being less distracted, getting to learn and implement new technology resources for student engagement.Cons: Keeping students engaged on a consistent basis during synchronous time has been challenging, (having students turn on their cameras and us their mics to participate/share their thoughts as the year progresses), working longer hours (too much screen time), more physically/mentally/emotionally draining My last question to ask Mr.Kim was “What do you think you personally can bring to the carver community?”. This was his truly inspiring response: “Personally, I believe I can bring a positive energy to the Carver community. I am all about having school spirit and providing hope and encouragement in helping Carver students strive for excellence and achieve greatness in and out of the classroom.My motto for the 2020-2021 school year and in life: Encourage. Motivate. Inspire. Be a light. “ I think I can speak for part of journalism crew as I say welcome aboard we’re glad to have you!

We’d also like to welcome Ms. McAllister to teach in one of Carver’s smaller prime subjects, Literary Arts! In addition to her classes, Ms. McAllister is also our Catalyst adviser! Before joining us at Carver, Ms. McAllister taught at The Institute of Notre Dame, Towson University, and Stevenson University teaching mostly theatre courses. On teaching, she says; “I never really thought I’d become a teacher! I always thought I’d work in arts administration for a theatre, but I feel so lucky to fill my days with my favorite books, poems, and plays and feel that it’s a much more fulfilling endeavor.” Ms. McAllister is also active in the Baltimore theatre community as an actor and director.  On the challenges of teaching online, she said; “I wish I could be there in person to create an inviting space, hear your work, start clubs, visit other primes, and make connections with other faculty and students in person.”  Outside of teaching, Ms. Mcallister loves scary movies, saying “Anything Hitchcock is my jam.” She spent a lot of time during quarantine hanging out and watching movies with her husband and two dogs, Cannoli and Yukon. Ms. McAllister sings and writes music as well as plays and poetry. Her favorite poets include Federico Garcia Lorca, Lucille Clifton, and Sylvia Plath. Her favorite playwrights are Suzan Lori-Parks, August Wilson, Jose Rivera, Chekhov, Tom Stoppard, Sarah Ruhl, and of course, Shakespeare. Everyone give a warm welcome to Ms. Mcallister!