Maiyall Smith, Journalist

Wesley Jasmin, Senior in the Carpentry Prime now known as “Banana Wesley” or “Banana Boy” goes viral as his video circulates throughout school. In the video, Wesley can be seen walking regularly and then taking a HUGE slip on a banana peel outside of the Dining Hall. The video reached around 300-400 people throughout the school, and by now probably even more than that! A lot similar to cartoon characters throughout the years. After finally getting in touch with Wesley, he was open to sharing his thoughts in a mini interview after the incident.

“Who’s idea was it to see if slipping on a banana peel would actually work?”

“Seth’s.” Wesley answers.

Seth Brzezinski, also a Senior in the Carpentry Prime here at at Carver Center gave his input as well. According to Seth (the culprit behind the entire thing) he offered Wesley  five dollars to slip on the banana peel. Knowing Wesley would do it, Seth and others pulled their phones out to record the comical moment during lunch. After purposely slipping on the banana peel, Seth rewarded Wesley with an even bigger incentive of twenty dollars instead of the original five. In the words of Seth, he explains his reasoning behind upping the original incentive, “I gave him the twenty, to help pay for the hospital bill.” Although Wesley appeared to be fine, and functioning correctly, there was still an elephant in the room that had to be addressed.

Did you hurt yourself!?”

Although at first Wesley kept his “injuries” confidential and mysterious, he later revealed that he didn’t hurt himself, and had no injuries. Maybe a sore back and a bump on the noggin, but other than that…Wesley was still Wesley! After hearing the point of view from the master of the operation Seth, we had to hear the side of the victim so we asked Wesley…

“What was going through your mind during the time of the slip?”

It took Wesley a couple seconds to answer, but his final answer was “I sure hope this is funny.” So although there was money offered, Wesley still had the intention of making others smile and share laughter. Now curious about the money, and Wesley’s recent jackpot, we had another question for him.

“What did you do with the money!!” 

Surprisingly Wesley responded with, “I put it in the bank.” Who knew Banana Wesley was smart with his finances? Also more curious we wanted to know one more thing when it came to him earning money.

“What else have you done for money?”

Laughing it off, Wesley said he hasn’t really done things for money, but he’s done other things to bring laughter to Carver Center. Some of the strange things Wesley has done include; bringing a BLENDER to school, bringing a MATTRESS to school, stealing SCHOOL STRAWS (which he says is helping the turtles because if he steals them, people can’t use them and throw them away so that the turtles won’t eat them), and wearing a RAINBOW ONESIE. All of this stuff for free entertainment just because he wants to bring positivity to the Carver Center Community. Wrapping up with our closing questions we asked Wesley…

“Why do you do these crazy tasks, and do you see yourself doing this in the future?”

“I like making people laugh, and yes I see myself doing this in the future.” So clearly Wesley Jasmin or Banana Wesley, does these crazy tasks to uplift the spirits of others, showing others to embrace their weird side, and to just bring more laughter into the Carver Community.