Angry Letter to Netflix

To: Netflix

Aleena Salmon, Journalist

Over 209 million people around the world use Netflix as a streaming service. Photo credit: Revenue Hub

Hello Netflix executives,

I would like to start with saying, you guys are amazing at what you do! You’re one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world and your original movies and shows are wonderful! I could sit glued to my couch and binge watch your series all day long.

I love you dearly, but… I have a huge bone to pick with you. First, I would like to talk about you cancelling my favorite shows. I take time out of my life to binge-watch these amazing shows you produce. If you add up how much time I’ve spent binge-watching, you’d see that majority of my life has been wasted on shows that you’ve CANCELLED! Can you imagine binging an entire series and looking forward to getting a new season soon, but a random Instagram post from The Shaderoom or Hollywood Unlocked tells you it’s been cancelled? I wish I couldn’t imagine it, but it’s happened on various different occasions! Cut it out Netflix!

Shows like “Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love”, “Insatiable”, “One Day at a Time”, “Everything Sucks!” (Cancelled after one season), “Lucifer”, “I Am Not Okay with This” (cancelled after one season), I mean the list can go on and on! These are just a few of the VERY popular series you cancelled. You know what’s worse than you cancelling these shows… it’s cancelling them on cliff hangers! How am I supposed to scratch that itch that YOU caused? You’re leaving me and million other people in suspense about how the next season was going to be. Long story short, get it together and give us the new seasons we want and stop leaving us in suspense and then saying “oops, no more of this for you.”

Secondly, it takes too long for you to release new seasons. We need them faster. It’s a serious issue that we have to wait 1 to 2 years for a new season of a show, and then only get 8 to 10 episodes of the show. All that money we make you guys, you need to use some of it to rush these productions along. I don’t mean to compare… but shows on regular television get their new seasons within a few months. At the most, it’s almost always less than a year! And they’re giving us 20-24 episodes… so let’s get real. What do you need all that extra time for?  What are you guys really doing in between the decade it takes you to release a new season! It takes watchers a day to watch a new season you put out, so why do we have to wait so long for it?

A prime example is “Stranger Things.” Season 3 came out in 2019, so why do we have to wait until 2021 until you release it! That’s almost a full three years?? You guys don’t think that’s an unreasonable amount of time to wait for an extremely anticipated season of one of the most popular shows on your platform? If you don’t… you should! I’m sick of waiting, WE’RE sick of waiting (if it wasn’t clear, “we’re”, is referring to the millions of “Stranger Things” fans). It’s the same with “Julie and the Phantoms”. I’m not going to get into that much since it hasn’t been that long of a wait, but still! It feels like an eternity since we’ve been left in suspense. Let’s get a push on the production so we get release these onto the platform, shall we? Ok? Cool.

Finally, I’d like to talk about you removing a bunch of favorite shows from your platform. I understand that you guys can take off anything and everything you want, but sometimes it’s ridiculous. There are times where you guys remove shows that nobody ever noticed, but when you take off some people’s favorite shows… it makes us want to fight. It specifically makes me want to fight. The feeling felt when I searched something I had watched a hundred times, and it wasn’t there anymore… I was about to riot. It hurts my soul dearly when you take off something I love Netflix. And to hurt me even more, you keep it in the search bar and just give suggestions that are somewhat similar to it. I don’t want the suggestions! I want the thing I searched! It’s like a punch in the gut when you  do that. Like you’re saying “You searched this, and I know exactly what you’re talking about… but you’re out of luck because we don’t have it. But hey, here’s something kind of like it!” I appreciate the effort, but no. If there are enough searches for a single movie or series, maybe you should consider putting it on there. Make some people smile. I love browsing through Netflix and then seeing some show or movie that wasn’t there before. It’s an “Oh my god! They put this on Netflix?” moment. That moment is amazing. Just think about it, seriously. I’m just saying, your customers pay $8-$17.99 a month to subscribe to your service, so I suggest you get some things in order to make us satisfied. Let’s take some of these points into consideration. Okay? Cool, great.

P.S. You guys are amazing at (mostly) everything you do! 🙂

Thank you,

Carver Catalyst.