Is BCPS Running Out of Bus Drivers?

Maiyall Smith

With Covid-19 being a constant issues for school systems all over the country, Baltimore County Public Schools and their recent absence of bus drivers has many students concerned. With the viral epidemic continuously spreading, many students and parents worry about the safety precautions being taken to keep students safe in such a bacteria-filled setting. One bus for example, with a very large amount of students is the Franklin High School bus. The bus normally has two buses in the morning and afternoon due to the large amount of students in that area of Baltimore County. With the buses continuously combining buses without alerting students ahead of time, many unvaccinated or asymptomatic students who either are aware or unaware of them carrying the virus; are able to spread it and put other students in the school and outside of school in danger.

Students on the buses were forced to be three-to-a-seat, during an epidemic that many have died from or still are having long-term side effects. With the combining of buses, kids are more susceptible of contracting the deadly virus, and continuing to spread it within their households. Almost everyday throughout the school week, there has been the combining of many different buses in Baltimore County. Carver Center students have complained about the bus conditions such as some students even having to sit on the floor, and overall not enough personal space to follow the covid guidelines. Although the vaccines have been distributed, it still doesn’t guarantee you won’t contract the illness. Not only is BCPS responsible for keeping kids safe, but everyone is responsible for themselves as well. While kids are being forced and squished together, it makes it hard to stay safe, especially coming from a huge building with more germs that you can count.


“I really just don’t think it’s safe for us, especially in the summer time with all of our sweating and stuff. It’s too crammed.”

“I am concerned that when I ride the bus with multiple extra people, it will increase my chances of not feeling well.”

“This is just too much at this time. I have college applications and other stuff to worry about, I can’t quarantine and miss school.”

As this ongoing issue continues to happen not just daily, but weekly…catalyst will continue to follow it. We will provide all of the information needed in order to keep the students of Carver Center safe and healthy. As much as bus changes can be frustrating, we understand that your health being put at risk can be equally or even more frustrating.