Breakdown of Palace/Curse by The Internet

Breakdown of Palace/Curse by The Internet

C Matthews

Ego Death by the Internet

The single “Palace/Curse ” on the Internet’s Ego Death album has features with Tyler, The Creator and Steve Lacy two of the most influential producers of the new age of Alternative Hip Hop. The Internet is a group consisting of vocalist Syd, bassist Patrick Paige II, drummer Christopher Smith, guitarist Steve Lacy, and keyboardist Matt Martians. The group makes a wide genre of music mostly focusing on R&B, funk, jazz, and alternative Hip Hop. “Palace/Curse” is a two-part song beginning with an upbeat, drum-heavy mix welcoming the vocals of Tyler, The Creator accompanied by vocalist Syd. Tyler begins the song by inviting a girl over to his house party because he is intrigued by her. Syd comes in with her light and angelic voice which contradicts Tyler’s rich tone, making the pair complement each other over the heavy drums and bass on the track. The demo was made by guitarist Steve Lacy, who made Palace prior to joining the Internet. Steve is well known for making complex and professional beats from his iPhone. While palace does have a mature and laid back vibe with funky, jazz inspired bass from Patrick; Tyler does fun upbeat chanting with a crowd which  makes the song truly engaging and fun.  Palace ends off with the drums while Tyler silences the song and his whispers snatching you out of the euphoric trance it holds you to. Tyler then begins to introduce the second half of the track, Curse. 


Ego Death by The Internet


Contrasting from its counterpart palace, Curse was adapted from a demo produced by Steve Lacy, which then was featured on the two part track on their “Ego Death” album. Curse talks about a girl who has captured Lacy’s attention to where he feels like he’s in a trance. The song opens with heavy drums, Syd and Steve singing, and a beautiful deep bass. The song is light with a light amount of lyrics so your  focus can be on how the instrumental and vocals merge perfectly together, ending the song on a beautiful light note. Two songs with the same meaning, being portrayed in two different ways.  

Palace/Curse is a beautiful blend of two different approaches to getting a girl’s attention, a more fun and funky playful approach, and an alluring and captivating approach. The songs complement each other in a way that shows the hidden feelings of someone captivated with someone.