Upcoming AP Studio Students: Here is What to Anticipate

Elle Celio

Perhaps you have a basic understanding of what AP Studio is. Or, maybe you don’t. That’s cool too. Whether you have or have not heard of AP Studio, it is likely that you have questions that don’t hit the spot with a classic Google search. If becoming an AP Studio student strikes your interest, take this as your very own navigational guide. 

AP Studio is an Advanced Placement art class designed for students who want to unleash their artistic potential freely, giving them full opportunity to create whatever they want however they want. It’s necessary to have a class like AP studio, dedicated to independent artists, because technical art classes are not for everyone. 

AP Studio continues to pose as the perfect head start for students pursuing a profession in visual arts. Students develop critical skills, preparing them to be knowledgeable and maintain a devoted work ethic for the future. They also build a professional portfolio of their work, which is key to any artist’s career. Not to mention, these students have the ultimate privilege of receiving their own studio. What a dream it must be to have an area dedicated to you, where you can create in comfort. 

If this class sounds like the perfect fit for you, that’s awesome! But, there are certain requirements that you must know. First and foremost, AP Studio is not accessible to everyone. It is reserved for seniors in the visual arts prime. In addition, you are expected to audition for your spot, it is not given to you like a normal class. During that process, you ought to write an essay and receive recommendations from both of your art teachers. This happens during your junior year of high school. 

AP Studio is an extraordinary opportunity for seniors in the visual prime who want to express their talents without having to follow the predetermined assignments of a typical art class at Carver Center.