Senior Spotlight – Cedar Clark

Elle Celio

Carver Center for the Arts and Technology has been consistently recognized for its students’ achievements. However, there are a handful of students with remarkable abilities that are left under-appreciated. 

One of these students in particular is Cedar Clark, a soon-to-be graduated visual student who puts an immense amount of dedication towards all of their work. Even their friends take notice in their never-ending perseverance, affirming that it is “admirable.”

Speaking of hard work, Cedar has just returned from Miami after contributing to YoungArts, which is a competitive organization that guides emerging artists towards success. During their trip, Cedar received an honorable mention on their portfolio (congratulations, Cedar!).

Besides their fantastic art, Cedar spends their time accomplishing a variety of small hobbies such as reading, watching long video essays, crocheting, and listening to pop-punk and r&b music (according to their friends). They are also a proclaimed plant parent who has a giant heart for all things plants, which is showcased in a majority of their artwork.

Next fall, Cedar is starting a new chapter of their life at Maryland Institute College of Art. They will certainly leave a legacy on Carver Center Arts and Technology, but we can not be more proud of them.

We will miss you, Cedar! And, we wish you the best of luck at MICA.