Carvers own Podcast Club


Michael Franks

One essential fact about carver is its diversity. We have so many people of different races, cultures, religions creeds and its awesome. We have a whole day just set aside for our school’s diversity! But sometimes when you look around people start to self-segregate with others that look like them, and that is a normal human defense mechanism but, it leads to close mindedness and that is a problem. This is where our own podcast club steps in. it is a way for every student and teacher to come and voice their opinions and feelings on topics. That way we get both sides of the story and then some. It is a way for one school with many voices to express how they felt. A way for the diversity to really spread around and reach every corner. And not in just our school, but the whole county. But first let me back it up a bit.

In our friend group, (especially in the morning), we would just have crazy conversations dealing from ourselves, drama going around, school in general and other things in our lives. It then sparked an idea in the head of my friend Cameron saddler(our club president), as a club for people to talk about topics and issues of everyday life. It was if we could have our own red table talk but, more like lunch table talk. And slowly but surely it took shape a club was born! And even though the second season has more episodes than the 1 episode 1st season, it is doing ok.

And you may be wondering, Hey! How do these meetings go on nowadays? Well, i’ll tell you. Our meetings are every Tuesday at 3, this Is  done in a google meet so we can chat for a bit, and come up with some talking points, we then chat for a bit more and the meeting usually wraps up around 4:15-4:30. Whoever attends Tuesday’s meeting is then eligible to be in Thursdays podcast, (to ensure participation of course). Thursday is a zoom call(for timing and recording purposes) and one of the club officers is chosen to lead the podcast. Friday – Monday is for editing and posting. (You can now find us on iTunes!) And the proceess is then repeated on Tuesday.   

So, as secretary of this club and as an editor for the newspaper, I feel it just to give just a wee bit of publicity, and to say that if you want to become an active participant of this club, contact us! We do have an instagram and twitter, (and for some reason a Facebook). We also have some vegan values because, there is, indeed no beef in this club and we would be joyed to have you, no matter what your perspective is (just not too extreme okay?). And we want talkers! Active members who want to see this club prosper, not just in our class, but for many, many more classes! Not just for one school, but for many, voices.