Mid Month Horoscope of November: Patience is Key

Anaiyah Conley, Editor


Aries: Let the past go Aries! You’re letting past experiences get in the way of your future. New things are coming but if you can’t accept them you’ll be stuck in the same place. Be sure to save your money this month if you want more to come. There maybe a new love in your life so get ready. ♈

Taurus: It’s time to adapt this month, go with the flow and move towards change. You are holding yourself back you must move forward if you want new opportunities Taurus. ♉

Gemini: Your career is thriving this month Gemini! New job opportunities are coming in this month, you are moving toward success. Invest all your time and energy it is about to pay off in big ways.♊

Cancer:  You are in control this month. You have the power to make everything you touch gold, just believe in yourself Cancer and all you want will come to you soon! ♋

Leo: Slow down, be patient, and think about your options thoroughly Leo. There may be new love coming so be prepared. If you rush into something quickly you’ll regret it in the future. Learn how to be patient, that is your key theme this month.♌

Virgo: Stop worrying ,you have an upcoming long term commitment. You have to be patient, if it’s worth it, it will take time. You can’t jump the gun. Your life may feel slow right now, your income may be at a standstill, it will pick up soon just save your money and relax. Good things are coming Virgo!♍

Libra: Be honest with yourself Libra, you really aren’t over it. You continue to invest in what no longer serves you but you have to stop! You’re blocking your blessings! Work on yourself, heal yourself, then all that you want you will have.  There will be an increase in money is on it’s way so be on the look out.♎

Scorpio: Your emotions are becoming more stable than before but watch out for past connections, the will ruin your progress, remain silent and stay away! If you want to keep moving forward then you cannot entertain them. You might have someone knew coming in but they aren’t who you had in mind. For the new money coming in please save it! You’ll need it later on. Believe in yourself.♏

Sagittarius: Watch who you around this month and be careful about what you share, not everyone is your friend. New partnerships are coming and they will make improvements in your life. Stop stressing about your career and income if you obsess over it you will drive yourself crazy. Your blessings are coming just chill out! ♐

Capricorn: Whatever cycle that is ending in your life is for the very best especially for your future. If you feel an end is near, rip that band aid off it’ll make it easier. A new chapter is opening and you will gain your happiness back. You will grow again!♑

Aquarius: You will be happy, don’t let minor inconveniences drag you down. You will see improvements with all your relationships especially if you start to put your wellbeing first.  Spend time with yourself, you’re working too hard on the wrong things. Take a chill pill, sit down or be productive focus on what’s important and don’t stress anymore. Be calm, cool, and collected. ♒

Pisces:  New connections are coming but choose wisely on what you invest yourself in. If you get in too deep you’ll be at a standstill with everything. Keep your guard up, temptation will ruin you and your goals.  Spend some more time at home, you’ll be happier!♓