Monthly Horoscope of December: Success is Coming

Anaiyah Conley, Editor

Aries:  There could be an upcoming reunion this month and your income will be in a great place. The universe is giving you all that you’ve asked for Aries so be careful about what you speak into existence. There will be some improvements in your career that will make you feel successful, more people will listen to you and your cause. ♈

Taurus: You will see improvements in your domestic life so, place your energy on what you want at home, it could be a new house or creating your home office just focus on what you want, your dreams will come true. Your intuition will be at a high this month so trust your gut, it’s probably right. Be open to new connections this month.  ♉

Gemini: Focus on your career, ignore outside forces and the drama, that will lead to a promotion. If you feel at a stand still progress is coming. New offers are on the way try to balance them with what you already have. If there is a past situation that you want to reconcile for a second chance it can happen, you hold all the power. Remember your work is what is most important this month. ♊

Cancer: If you feel at a standstill right now it will go away soon, new opportunities are on the way. Everything around you is slow at the moment and it has been for awhile but , the universe is just preparing you for your future. There will be improvements in all aspects in your life, it may take awhile for you to see it.♋

Leo: Second chances are coming, past stress will go away and you will be able to move forward and continue your growth. Welcome new connections but don’t rush into them, you don’t want any undesirable surprises. You will see an increase in your workload, that is all the hard work you’ve done paying off you finally get to see it! Slow down this month, the universe is working with you, not against you   ♌

Virgo: Your finances are going to getter better this month, no more being down in the dumps! The light at the end of the tunnel is here, no more days of struggle. Be careful with your spending, don’t get too happy with your new wealth and spend it all on what’s unnecessary.  ♍

Libra: You could be finally getting what you want, stay positive and watch what you speak into existence. There will be success and victory for you. Your patience will be the guide to whatever your heart desires. Focus on what you really want this month and it will make it’s journey to you. ♎

Scorpio: Be confident! If you doubt yourself then you won’t get all you wish for. You need to believe and speak your desires into existence. Stop overthinking and blocking your beliefs. If you don’t trust the universe why should you be rewarded from the universe? Fake it until you make it Scorpio, you are in control of what you want.  ♏

Sagittarius: New energies are on the way, from home life to work and school to relationships. December is your month to succeed but be cautious, think about what you have been trying to manifest and decide if that is what you really want. Everything is about to work in your favor keep chasing after your goals! ♐

Capricorn: Your dreams are coming, focus on your money this month. You are on the right path and you are in the right position keep it up! Trust in where you are in life this is where you are meant to be. Your hobby could lead you to a new career, practice your craft it may lead to more wealth. You career should be your main focus right now. ♑

Aquarius:  Your social life is improving along with your finances. There may be a bit of a standstill somewhere in your life but it is needed, the standstill will be your wake up call that you need to be patient and may be in the wrong place right now or need a break. You could be unhappy and closed off because of the slow movement in your life but don’t let that stop your progress. The slow pace is just a sign that you will be on the right path soon, it will take some time. Something big is coming, believe in the universe!  ♒

Pisces: You need to walk away to progress, you cannot keep feeding a situation that does not fulfill you, you will no longer grow. Whatever you put your mind into you will achieve, keep believing and trusting in yourself. Your main focus should be your work, do not let anything distract you. You are dodging a bullet by focusing on your career and working towards the ultimate payoff. Better opportunities are coming in ♓