Ryder Stoddard: Photography’s Unsung Hero


Ryder stands in front of her art show, “If Walls could Talk.”

Ashleigh Neville

Ryder Stoddard is a Senior artist at George Washington Carver Center for the class of 2022. Photography is her chosen elective in the visual arts prime, and her art show “If Walls could Talk” took place on April 26th. One of her main focuses was the collection taken in the Forest Haven Asylum.

Kalliyan Winder ’22, fellow visual student, took the time to comment, “I think Ryder’s work is very organized and put together. She has the strongest artist process and vision I’ve seen at Carver, especially at her senior show. Hers has a clear message and vision she wants to come across.” They also describe their work as “very reminiscent of her personality, as she does a lot of graffiti work and she takes a lot of pictures of abandoned buildings… I think it kind of speaks to her and her vibe as a person.”

Her Photography teacher, Mrs. Sherry Insley, also comments on her work. “Ryder Stoddard, where to begin… Well, first of all Ryder is one of a few senior photo students that I have now had the pleasure of teaching all 4 years. I started as a sub 3rd quarter of Ryder’s Freshman year, so it has been nice to see a student all the way through. Ryder is tenacious and really found her voice in photo. She was one of few students who truly loved the darkroom and mourned it’s loss during covid. Ryder always completed her work on time and went above and beyond the minimum requirements. She produced a enormous amount of work for her Senior thesis and Senior show and it really showed how much she cares about her art.” Ms. Insley ends her description of Stoddard saying that “she has a wicked sense of humor and can be at times brutally honest. AND she may have brought a ghost back with her from one of her many adventures. Or a curse.”

We can’t wait to see what Ryder’s future holds at the UC Santa Cruz! We wish her the best and can’t be prouder!