Theoretical – A Profile on IT’s Unsung Hero, Olivia Chiarini

You don’t hear much of the IT/IMP Prime, save for the occasional “Hey, you’re in IT right?” when a teacher can’t seem to get the projector working. And you certainly don’t hear much about the students. 

Yet through the crowd of seemingly uniform eyes reflecting 1s and 0s, emerges a person most tend to look over, even for a prime secluded to the deepest corners of the second floor.

Olivia Chiarini can be found strumming on her guitar, poring over Physics homework, or studying the Greats—Mitski—on a chilly Thursday morning, just by the cafeteria entrance.

“Olivia is an outstanding student,” said a  proud Dr. Dissinger, through email. “She gives 100% and is always willing to lend a hand. With her great attitude she brings a positive energy to the class.”

“Olivia is an intelligent, kind, and versatile student. Her insights are well-spoken and her cheerful, helpful attitude is a boon to everyone in the prime,” added Mr. Ziegler.

But the praise doesn’t just end at adoring teachers. Many students had glowing reviews on Chiarini as well.

Everyone seems to recall how smart she is, her bouncy hair, and the love she gives to everyone and everything she’s involved with.

Olivia Chiarini is a name not often echoed through the halls, but armed with a guitar and questions so theoretical not even Mr. Cox has the answers to, she charges into Carver Center daily, aiming to make a particularly deep groove into the great runes of the IT/IMP Prime.