The Childhood Among Us


Sienna Kemp, Journalist

Have you ever wondered what happens when you grow up and stop watching your favorite cartoons? Do they disappear or cease to exist completely? I suspect something even more sinister at play. I fear they may be among us as we go through our daily lives. Look at your teachers. Now look even closer. Have you noticed it yet? They walk as our TEACHERS! I’ve composed all my research into this article to help educate the masses.

Firstly, let’s start with an easy one…Ms. Hall.  Ms.Hall is known as the fun loving, quirky, and

 easy-going theater teacher, little does everyone know of her true identity… Ever notice Ms.Hall’s enthusiasm for acting? Or what about her fun outfits that make her easily recognizable? Does anyone come to mind with that description? MS.FRIZZLE!! What happened is obvious. Ms. Frizzle, who got fired after one wrong field trip to discover the source of periods, decided to hide herself in a school that’s opposite of her specialty. She took up the alias Ms.Hall and left science for theater and dove into the arts, tricking everyone around her. I discovered her secret during our Shakespeare unit. I noticed how familiar she sounded as she spoke in a sing-songy iambic pentameter. That’s just the beginning of this school’s conspiracy….


Next is a teacher well known for her understanding of the English language and essay drills, Ms.

Lakovich. Ms. Lakovich includes vocab into the AP Language curriculum to expand her students’ vocabulary. She has a genuine love of words and how they can form sentences and essays. Does this ring a bell, anyone? Who else has a love for words like no one else? Let me give even more condemning evidence; something Ms. Lakovich looks for in vocab tests is malaprops, the misuse of a word in place of a word that sounds similar (yes, I did in fact google this). That’s right. Ms. Lakovich is WORD GIRL! Think about it, a girl who hides her secret identity to fight malapropism? Essentially, Ms. Lakovich right there!


Finally, there’s Mr. Diem. Oh so normal Diem. The semi-strict acting teacher who genuinely wants to see actors improve and be successful. This one was probably the hardest of them all to discover. Let’s think about his attire; a beanie, flannel, cuffed jeans, and the occasional ankle boots. My ability to simplify his outfits comes from his consistency. Who else is consistent? Cartoon characters. That’s not all, on occasion he’s seen with a bright smile. Not only that, his tall and slender stature lends itself to one person I can think of…The Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. All he needs is a round yellow hat and an entire yellow outfit and BAM! His identity is exposed to the world. He specifically resembles the Man in the Yellow Hat from the TV show, where the man makes friends with the people in the city and the country (aka the teachers of Carver) and cares for George and his friends (aka Acting prime students). Once you piece together all these shreds of truth, it all makes sense. 


Of course, this isn’t all I’ve discovered, just the surface. I’m afraid, however, that I will be hunted for my release of the truth. I leave this to all Carver Center students, be aware of just who is teaching you. You never know the secrets, or yellow hats, that will be revealed.