A Coalition: Towson High and Carver Center Crime Ring


Towson High and Carver Center

Sandy Xu, Class of 2025

Conflicts between Towson High and Carver Center are widely known to be full of tension. The second Carver students hear the word ‘Towson High,’ their faces immediately are filled with disgust. However, this is just a pretense carefully crafted in order to cover the truth: Carver and Towson work together, running a crime ring.

Since Carver Center’s revamp in 2009, the formation of the plan for future students to cooperate with Towson to commit and evade crimes began. By the time the new building was finished in 2012, the crime ring had been established, and an agreement between the two schools was solidified. The plan was simple: Carver Center students would use their various talents and skills to conceal their crimes while Towson High would produce lawyers to prevent them from being caught by the law. To avoid suspicion, they would present themselves as enemies.

Currently, their most profitable business involves the sale of freshly harvested human organs on the black market. Carver Center has magnet programs which they call ‘primes,’ but the intention behind calling their programs ‘primes’ is to serve as cover for students when they slip up when they talk about ‘crimes.’ Currently, the prime playing the most significant role in this business is Culinary. Using their knives, they dissect their victims which are then disguised as sculptures by the visual prime. The organs are then hidden in the Culinary prime’s pots and ovens. 

Carpentry’s job is to use saws to guard against any unwelcome intruders, and the occasional escaping organ ‘donor.’ Using strong yet elegant movements to take down resisting parties, the dance prime guards the perimeters along with carpentry. Any screams that may leak out are hidden by the lovely music of the DIM and Vocal prime, while also serving as a relaxant for any stressed out organ donors.

Cosmetology and DP (Design and Production) work together to disguise the actors who negotiate business deals on the black market. When unfavorable information leaks, the IT/IMP prime is in charge of hacking websites, rendering them unable to operate. To sway public opinion, the Literary prime writes persuasive articles that turn public opinion in their favor, and cooperates with Towson to plan for any trials that may be going on.

Students of Towson High’s Law and Public Policy Program have many connections with alumni in prestigious universities and jobs, which they use to their advantage. They use their strong communication skills to exploit any loopholes in the law, and to bring in more allies. Over the years, the amount of people involved in this business has increased exponentially. Future steps of action include expanding overseas. 

Warning: Please do not reveal the source of this information or discuss this information in open areas.