Five Nights?!?!??

Freddy Fazbear confirmed to be hiding in the Carver Basement?!?!?!!??!

Five Nights?!?!??

Lauren Mendenhall

Walking through the halls of Carver in the wee hours of the night has never been a good idea. The long halls and minimal hiding places make it easy to be spotted by anything lurking around the building. But for the few unfortunate souls trapped overnight, they are well aware of the sheer stupidity running a muck. 

“Wow! How cool and terrifying! I’m so scared! I don’t want to be here anymore!” is what you obviously think. And for that I thank you for your admiration. That is super kind of you and that means a lot to me. But skepticism is expected of this claim, and what proof do I have of this, dear adoring reader? I heard this account from a friend from a friend from a friend who doesn’t go here but visited to watch Fame like a month ago. But picture this – you are the poor lost student in Carver. How spooky. How silly. How intelligent. You are better than this, please look no further than a very cool tale of the spooks and scares hiding within these  walls. 

“You stay after school for REPs one fateful day in April to do some homework because the importance academics holds on your life. REPs ended, however you were focused and wanted to stay after. Mr. Chandler trusted you enough to stay in the classroom to continue studying, given it was 5pm. You end up accidentally staying until midnight, slowly chipping away at each piece of paper and your own sanity. Finally noticing the time, you decide it’s probably most definitely time to get out of this building. You can smell the stillness in the air, except for a slight metallic scent. About to walk out and go home to repeat the cycle again tomorrow, there is a light illuminating the hallway coming between the cracks of each of the art rooms. Is anyone still here?. You go to investigate because it’s silly why not. 

As you walk into Mrs Shovlins room, lights burn your retinas, but no one is around. Lively paintings hang from the ceiling, with so much to look at you are momentarily captivated by the overwhelming amount of things to look at. Why is there an armless child in here? You go over to investigate this oddity, slightly amused by the stupidity, when you hear a noise out in the hallway. It sounds like machinery whirring and steaming. You attempt to run out from a pure rush of adrenaline and want to leave this godforsaken building. The time is midnight, and most of the lights in the halls have dimmed. Trying to rush out of the building, you are stopped by four people standing and staring at the door. Backing away from these strange figures, they jump around and start throwing pencils at you but gingerly pick them back up so as to not lose them and have to spend more money. It’s the art teachers protecting the school from squirrels and Towson students. Mr. Levy immediately apologizes and lets you leave so you aren’t dead tomorrow. Dead sleepy. Haha yea..”

Sorry I lied there is no Freddy Fazbear, unfortunately. I hope you may be able to find it in your heart to forgive me.