Grooming to get on Ms. Fried’s good side!

Emily Hamp

If you know Ms. Fried, you know she loves public grooming. If you have her class, make sure you bring a hairbrush and brush your hair. Ask her about her experiences and/or encounters when it comes to “grooming”, meaning brushing your hair IN CLASS; she’ll love to tell you how sanitary and respectful it is. She will even lecture for 20 minutes about the best time to brush your hair in class. One time in my class, a fellow student pulled out his hairbrush—SHE LOVED it. She said, “OH! What a great time to brush your hair”. Since then, he always pulls out a brush in class to make her happy and be on her “good side”. Ms. Fried would stand up, twist her long luscious blonde hair, and shout with joy. Please remember your brushes fellow students.