Why You Should Never Sleep


Sandy Xu, Class of 2025

Sleep, a familiar term used to describe the body in a state of rest. CDC guidelines say that teenagers between the ages of thirteen to eighteen should acquire approximately eight to ten hours of sleep. However, high schoolers have learned that sleep is unnecessary for the body to function properly from experience. Rather than wasting about 33.33% to 41.66% of the day for an unnecessary activity such as sleep, high school students should use that time to catch up on their mountains of homework and review for their upcoming tests. 

With lower levels of sleep, more work gets done. Studies have shown that productivity at night rises as a result of fewer distractions and bursts of energy as a result of not sleeping. Sleep deprivation is attached to many negative connotations, but in actuality, sleep is what causes lower levels of energy. Students who pull ‘all-nighters’ are always more alert than those who follow CDC guidelines and they arrive at school earlier.

Students lacking sleep might sometimes find themselves desperately trying to keep their eyes open, but the struggle is all worth it in the end! This is a test of willpower that can be overcome with enough effort. With the help of teachers, students can effortlessly avoid falling asleep! One of the most effective measures to avoid the harmful effects of sleep include: a startlingly loud sound or a splash of cool water (though there is a danger of accidentally getting some on your assignments if you choose to splash it onto your face).

Sleep is a drug that we must try to detach ourselves from. Even if we experience symptoms of withdrawal in the process, it is important to ensure that we are in complete control of our lives. Say “no” to sleep and reduce your dependency today with simple steps! Currently, students enjoy the benefit of being enrolled in one of the most effective institutions for reducing dependency on sleep. High school has a large quantity of assignments offered to prevent relapse and to aid recovery. The more academically rigorous the high school is, the more effectively it reduces your sleep dependency. Sign up and start today!