Carvers Witch and Coven



If you’re a member of the visual prime, you’ve probably heard rumors about Mrs.Insely stealing children’s teeth and turning them into jewelry. The rumors are true, but the items are not jewelry. Instead, they are voodoo dolls and poppets. She has the ability to control children and cast dark spells on them at will with these dolls. She not only makes these dolls, but she also has her own coven.

During the day, it serves as a darkroom where she prints film for her photography classes. That room, however, changes after school hours. It becomes the dark coven for the dark mistress and the other witches and warlocks. Mrs.Insely is the coven’s supreme and most powerful witch. She not only wields great power, but she also imparts great wisdom to those who follow her. Her coven has a large library of powerful spells, hexes, and rituals for young and aspiring witches and warlocks to learn. Animal skulls, incense, crystals, various types of herbs, colored and chakra candles, beakers, jars, knives, wands, brooms, a crystal ball, and, of course, the infamous cauldron are all on display. Members of the coven can learn basic skills, spells, and how to control their magic. You may be wondering how I know all of this information. That’s because I’m a member of her dark coven.