Senior Spotlight – Charlotte George

Sandy Xu, Class of 2025

With the school year of 2022-2023 gradually coming to a close, the seniors from the class of 2023 will soon graduate. As Carver Center students, they have devoted their time here to develop skills related to their passions and interests. Charlotte George, a senior of the IT/IMP prime, is one of those people.

Charlotte George is an aspiring software developer with experience in C++, HTML, CSS, JS, Java, C+, and Python. Additionally, she has received a national honorable mention from NCWIT Aspirations in Computing, and is an Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop. During her time at Carver, she challenged herself with difficult courses such as AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science: A Interactive Media Production. 

According to Taiwo Adebowale, a senior from the Literary prime, “She’s kind, always smiling. She has a lot once you get to know her. Like an onion with a peel.” 

Mrs. Mlinek says, “I’ve known Charlotte George since she was a tiny little elementary student. She has always been passionate about hobbies and curious about the world around her. She’s creative and intimidatingly smart, but amazingly also always kind. She’s the kind of person who makes you feel better about the future of humanity.”

Mr. Ziegler, teacher of the IMP prime, agrees. “Charlotte George is a welcome presence in the IT/IMP classroom. Her positive attitude, quirky sense of humor, and willingness to help others is not always recognized, but doesn’t go unseen or unappreciated. A member of the ASL club, RPG corner, Vex robotics club, and SGA. Charlotte developed the application that manages the freshman games for the 2022-2023 year. If you saw a rubber ducky with a lab coat on, talking about bacteria, science and mini games, you may have played it. Charlotte has composed music for celebration games, developed in multiple game engines over various genres, and is always available to test works or give feedback to her peers. Charlotte is kind and incredibly patient, especially when people have no idea how to use the microphone she has or when people forget to mute it. She is a needed female voice in engineering and technology related fields and we hope that she continues her studies in the coming years.”

In order to further pursue her passion for game development, Charlotte will be majoring in Game Design and Development at the Rochester Institute of Technology.