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Super Secret Film Club Success!

Three short films and a bonus animation premiere as the result of Carver Center’s first school-wide collaborative film project.

It began with an email.

Nevermind to who. We can’t tell you that: it’s super secret.

But one little email kicked off a big project that involved every prime in the school, the contributions of over 100 students, and culminated in the completion of three short films created through professionally organized productions.

With the support of the Carver Center Foundation, who donated the funds for craft services supplies, props and equipment purchases, costumes and sets, students got to experience what it’s like on a real film set where everyone has a role and needs to find ways to express their creativity collaboratively. Students wrote the initial scripts, and then faculty and staff voted on the finalist. From there, interested students submitted portfolios and proposals for the final 3 scripts and teams were arranged for each. Students ran casting calls and rehearsals, storyboarded each film, and planned shot lists. Students designed sets and costuming, lighting, and props. Students choreographed dances, and created scores for each film. Students created a plan for craft services and prepared all of the food for sets. Students created animation at breakneck speed to incorporate into the films. And students ran each set on a strict 3-shooting-day schedule, meeting after school and sometimes going late into the night. After all of this, students edited the footage together, graded the color palettes, sweetened the audio and added foley…they did it all!

What you see here is the work of many months, and many people working together. So without further ado, we present to you:

The Super Secret Films! Click on the video for the full playlist, or individually here:

Leo and Luna

Imaginary Friend,


The Show Must Go On.

As a bonus, one student took the initiative to turn her finalist-but-not-winning script into an animation and that is presented here as well: William “Desk Worker” Williams!

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