Up and coming! Carver’s Fall Theatre Productions

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The Carver Theatre is back!

After taking an almost 2-year hiatus from in-person productions the Carver Center Theatre is producing two new eye-catching plays inspired by Oscar Wilde’s famous short story “The Canterville Ghost” and radio play “The Importance of being Earnest”

Canterville Tree Poster with TEXT AND QR

“The Canterville Ghost”

October 21st-23rd at 7pm

Directed by Ms. Jackie Young

A horror comedy written by Oscar Wilde and presented as a radio play, including live sound effects and foley artists. The story follows Horace B. Otis, a gruff American minister and paranormal skeptic, as he goes through the process of buying the Canterville Chase Manor, a haunted estate owned by honor-bound Lord Canterville. A tale of skeleton hands and mysterious noises, The Canterville Ghost is a wild and comedic sight perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit.

Cast List

Hiram Otis: Gabe Viets

Lord Canterville: Juliet Jones

Mrs. Umney: Ella Juengst

Virginia: Ryann Reich

Washington: Christian Alexander

Roland: Maya Kayastha

Roger: Arianna Harris

The Ghost: Aurora Lowther

Mrs. Otis: Ryann Reich


“The Truth in Love: A Reality TV adaption of The Importance of Being Earnest” 

November 17th-19th at 7pm

Directed by Mr. Paul Diem

Based off the original script of “The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People” by Oscar Wilde, a farcical comedy following John Worting, a young adult using a fictitious persona of his “brother” as deception to avoid social obligations and leave the country. The performance will celebrate and amplify the surface-ness of Wilde’s style by placing it in a modern reality television show filled with drama and duplicity.

Cast List

Jack: Sally Lewis

Algernon: Nia Chavis

Rev. Chausible: Kailyn Bailey

Gwendolen: Grace Volpe

Cecily: Katie Espinoza

Lady Bracknell: Hayden Spitzer

Lane: Brooke Marriott

Miss Prism: Ella Skidmore

Merriman: Zyaire Wyngate

Producer: Annabelle Arvin-Young

Make-up Artist: Rowan Hastings

Director: Kanwulia Iyke-Azubogu

Grip: Erin Backe

Camera 1: Ryanne Coleman

Camera 2: Abbie Mlinek


Save the dates! And check out the cast list to support your fellow carver students