Film’s Unsung Hero


“The film kids are pretty cool. They walk around the hallways, carrying around their little cameras and everything, but no one really thinks to ask them what they do.”

Of Carver’s visual arts concentrations, film might have the least exposure to the greater student population, due in part to the nature of access to screenings instead of the in-the-halls print/physical medium. Film kids haunt the halls of Carver, home kitchens, suburbia’s empty parking lots, a camera clutched in their practiced hands, ready to capture a scene or quantify an emotion. And as seniors count down to graduation and Catalyst catalogues the graduating class’s unsung heroes, it must be asked of Film ’22: Who is your unsung hero? The answer: Isabella Dean.

Friends and peers have nothing but positive words for the recent Carver attendee, Dean having joined the school during the ’20-’21 school year.

“Isabella Dean has made two projects this year and she’s improved so much, and her senior show is really cool” remarks Liam Gibson, film junior.

Not only is her most recent work, revolving around baking, “really cool”, but her epicurean inclinations don’t end there as Amanda Amadi-Amina, junior, notes, “She’s very tall…she occasionally has snacks.”

A generous hero indeed.

And as Cordelia Justice, junior, regards with admiration, “I love her and she’s awesome”.

It’s safe to say Isabella Dean is the coolest film senior.