Volunteering during the pandemic is possible!


You’ve probably been wondering or probably been asking if it was possible to volunteer during this thing we call a pandemic. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is 100% possible and 100% safe! All you need is your phone or your computer; Thank God for technology! And a hand that loves to help too. Below, I’ve curated a list of the best virtual volunteer opportunities that will lead you to your path in volunteering with just a click.

Volunteer Match

My absolute fave! Volunteer Match is a website that allows you search for volunteering opportunities by imputing your location and notifying them that you are interested in a particular cause. You can search for your interests, from writing for organizations to fostering pets; anything you may be interested in. 

Translators without Borders

Are you bilingual and interested in Humanitarian aid? If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you. You will be able to perform acts of service by translating texts for a variety of international organizations that focus on crisis relief, health and education. If this sounds like what you would enjoy, check it out!

Operation Gratitude

You can show support to first responders, troops and veterans from the comfort of your home. Operation Gratitude collects thank you letters from people like you and I, and sends it off to our serving men and women; swoosh.

The Humane Society

Do you love animals? Dogs, cats, pigs, horses, monkeys, the list goes on! Become a member of the humane society and help fight against animal cruelty by getting involved in outreach, phone banking, or aiding lending hands at a local animal shelter(if possible).


This organization caters to people with disabilities and reading barriers such as dyslexia, learning disabilities, physical disabilities and visual impairments. It makes reading more accessible by organizing an e-library that will allow people customize their learning experience to what suits them. Book share needs your help to scan in new books, proofread scanned files or describe images.


Do you love tutoring or just want to give tutoring a try? TeensGive.org is the right choice for you. Teens will be able to tutor younger students and help in educating underserved schools and homeless children.

Schools on Wheels

Another great tutoring opportunity; are you up for it? This organization needs volunteers to tutor Southern California students living in shelters, vehicles, motels and the streets. Volunteers digitally teach students from the age ranges of kindergarten to 12th grade. Become a vessel that helps the underprivileged learn.


Mozilla is a non profit that is looking for you to volunteer! If you have a computer and know how to work your way around a computer, you can volunteer to help with programming, design, testing or even offer support by answering people’s help questions.

Be My Eyes

Be the eyes for the vision impaired; what a way to help the people in your community. Volunteers will be paired with blind and low vision people through a video app, and will help make their day easier by providing visual assistance; from reading instructions to checking expiry dates to so much more.

Lifetime Connections Without Walls

Want to help the elderly? Volunteer positions are available in assisting and aiding seniors with facilitating and reminding them about sessions and activities provided by the organization. Be a helping hand.

Donate: Code

Are you that boy or girl that’s super obsessed with coding? Put your talents to good use and donate your time and skills to community and charity groups. While performing acts of service, you can also build your portfolio and sharpen your skills; what’s not to love!

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

This volunteer work is a very interesting one; especially for the lovers of all things history. The Smithsonian organization is the world’s largest museum and research facility and wouldn’t it be great if you are a part of it? You will be able to transcribe historic documents, papers of prominent Americans and records from the Smithsonian’s scientific collection to allow easy access for researchers and the public at large; how cool is that?

Never forget that your helping hand makes an impact and a big difference in the lives and communities around you. Never stop reaching out;  the world needs more people like you!

Kensie Kate