A New Coach with History

The new girls’ soccer JV coach might be someone you know.


Isabella Vidal

Mr. Anderson, varsity soccer coach

If you follow sports at Carver Center (not necessarily a given in this school for the arts) you would know that for many of the sports’ teams, coaches come and go. For girls’ soccer, specifically, junior varsity coaches have been scarce.

This year, as the main coach for girls’ soccer struggled to look for a fitting junior varsity coach, a beacon of light shined from the history hallway. The new coach is a man who has spent a good portion of his time on fields: mock battlefields, that is.

That’s right, the junior varsity coach for girls’ soccer at Carver Center is now Mr. Anderson! Many students know him as the AP U.S. History teacher, but if you’ve been in his class, you probably know a lot more about him. Mr. Anderson loves to recount tales, and some students might be able to recall him lamenting about his high school days when he played soccer with his friends, and wrestled at the same time!

Nostalgia serves as a strong lure to Mr. Anderson, to be involved once again in the sport he used to love– and he has coached before. In a past issue of the yearbook, it was mentioned that Mr. Anderson coached a wrestling team at one point, so evidently coaching is in his veins.

As an athlete who plays on the varsity soccer team at Carver, I have watched Mr. Anderson coach the junior varsity team in the past two weeks, and he’s spectacular. Although he showed up to the first practice in khakis and tennis shoes, he’s slowly donning the appearance of a soccer dad, proud of his team. Sources say he was seen doing the dad kneel in front of the team and waving his arm, bidding them to “gather around.”

Hopefully Mr. Anderson stays with the junior varsity team, and his time coaching doesn’t become history.