10 Unique Things About Carver!

Top 10 Things That Make Carver Center Unique!


  1. Belt Guy

Anyone who came to Carver anywhere between since 2018 knows about Belt Guy, a student who would use belts like nunchuks at Homecoming Pep Rallies. When he graduated, he had a “ceremony” where he initiated under class man to take over his position in the commons of the school!


  1. NSFW Wall Art and Decorations!

You take one step into the school and are immediately hit in the face with boobs and various genitals. Other than the inappropriate art, the schools walls are littered with Visual students beautiful artwork, creating a safe and cozy environment for the students!


  1. No Dress Code!

Carver is proud to say there is no enforced dress code! Students use this to their advantage to sport all kinds of outfits, from tube tops to banana suits, to long flowing capes and ball gowns. At Carver, self-expression and personal identity are very important, and no dress code is one way they support that!


  1. Onion Challenge

If you ever walked through the Literary hallway in the first few weeks of school, it may reek of freshly cut onions, which lasts for a week or so. This is because of the onion challenge Mrs. Mlinek created for the freshman! The literary students must peel an onion and take in all senses and write a poem about it! It is meant to tap the writer into their environment and get their creative juices flowing!


  1. Visual Student “Lawn Décor”

Walking in the front doors in the middle of the day, you’re likely to see visual kids laying in the commons on their backs or stomachs drawing or painting. They often take inspiration from the high ceilings and sky lights, as well as the artwork on the walls and fun colors adorning the school.


  1. Interesting Names!

Instead of saying “main entrance”, “library”, “cafeteria”, or “theater”, we use terms like “the commons”, “media center”, “dining hall” and “auditorium”. This is just another way Carver Center is different and unique from regular high schools!


  1. No Football Team

Unlike most high schools, ours has a reining female population, so Carver Center is unable to support a football team. Though, there are other sports! Soccer, badminton, track and field, golf, field hockey, just to name a few. Who needs a football team when we have 2020 Varsity Women’s Soccer champions!


  1. Unsafe Location?

Right next door to the school is the state penitentiary…need I say more?


  1. Teacher by Day…Coach by Night?

Mr. Anderson, the APUSH teacher, lover of American History is…the girls JV Soccer coach? He stated in the 2020 yearbook how much he loved coaching, and that it was one of his passions. Who said you can’t have multiple hobbies?


  1. “Carverized”

If you’ve been to Carver long enough, you know about the conversion into the school known as being “carverized”. If you recognize at least 5-9 things on this list, you may have been carverized yourself!


Photo Credit @ Ken Wyner Photography