The Haunting of Carver’s 2nd Floor

Kiana Cox


Disclaimer: *I am not responsible if any information is taken seriously*


George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology 1000% has ghosts.

According to: there are 5 signs in which you can tell if an area is haunted, and unsurprisingly, George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology fulfills all 5.

1. There’s a Distinct Smell and You Can’t Find Its Source.

The female restroom smells nothing like they make it seem in the movies and books; people are just nasty. Normal bathroom smells of urine and sewer makes sense, but have you ever walked into the restroom, mid day, and it actually smelled really good? Sometimes, there’s just this distinct, sweet smell that you just can’t locate. It’s like a mix of perfume and really nice mouth watering laundry detergent. Now, one can say the distinct smells can simply be from a person who sprayed perfume, but what’s the fun in that? What if it is an unexplained source creating this yummy smell in such a nasty environment? Could be a ghost.

2. The Temperature Changes Abruptly.

Have you too ever felt the chilling sensation on Carver’s second floor? Many could say it is just the AC on blast, but it is possible that it gets deeper than that. Why is the first and third floor average in temperature, but the 2nd floor is always significantly colder? Classrooms are as chilly as it is outside and wearing jackets sometimes isn’t enough. Not only has it been like this in the summer, but it’s even worse in the fall and winter. Spirits/ ghosts are notorious for existing in cooler areas, and decreasing warm temperatures to fit their own, extremely selfish needs. There’s literally no other explanation for this other than ghosts.

3. Your Phone Is Always on the Verge of Dying.

For some reason, phones and other electronics are always dying quickly in school. This applies to school devices as well. The amount of times I found my phone dying in class when I wasn’t even using it is ridiculous! Other classmates often have to whip out their charger for their devices because its dead, despite charging it the previous night. What other reason could someone’s electronics die after like, an hour, for no reason? And guess what, I noticed this happens quite a lot in my classes that are on 2nd floor of George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology. Could it be… ghosts?

4. There Are Mysterious Noises.

Back to the 2nd floor bathrooms at George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology, the female restroom shares a wall with the male restroom, obviously. Several times that I’ve been in the bathroom, I’d hear the faucet running, toilet flushing, paper towels being pulled, etc, from the male room. Yet I never hear or see anyone leave that bathroom! All carver bathroom doors make a sound when the door is shut, even if it’s minor. Why do I never hear that door sound when I’m in the restroom or when I come out? Do males just not exist? Who is in the bathrooms, if not people? It’s ghosts.

5. You Regularly Feel a Weird Sensation on the Back of Your Neck.

So this last theory has nothing to do with feeling a weird sensation, I just couldn’t find an idea for this one. Instead, I believe the second floor bathroom is cursed, so pretend the headline says, “You Have a Suspicion of a Curse.”

Every time I go to use the bathroom on the second floor, it’s always occupied! Don’t you ever just wish to tinkle and dinkle in peace without worrying if your time in there is too long or if you are too loud? It isn’t only me who has experienced this, because a collective others agree that it is always occupied. Before school, in between class, after class, during lunch times, after school, there is always someone in there! A curse from privacy is something that I would not be surprised to know was true. The only reasonable explanation for this is a curse.


Carver Center for Arts and Technology has ghosts.


Disclaimer again: *I am not responsible if any information is taken seriously*