Disney Plus Shows Deserve More Love

Kiana Cox, Editor

When it comes to great shows and recommendations, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are the platforms often talked about, but it’s time to give more love to Disney plus! Typical first impressions upon hearing Disney Plus are often oh that’s for children or there’s nothing good on there but those who believe that are surely mistaken. There are also tons of new amazing shows and movies, not just ones we remember from our childhood.

Diary of a Future President is the first show I personally recommend. This show is about a Latina girl, the future president of the United States, who navigates her life through middle school, experiencing teenage struggles as she writes in her diary in her free time. It’s a pretty fun and engaging show as we know that everything the teenager does leads up to her becoming the first Latina president. Every episode is also kind of a mini life lesson as the audience learns how to get through various situations like having a new step-father joining the family or coming to terms with your sexuality. It is a great show that includes a lot of diversity as well with various characters having different races and sexualities. You will most likely find yourself in this show, which I applaud Disney for because it’s about time. Let’s not talk about how they cancelled season 3 though… Some characters that you may recognize from this amazing show are: 

  • Gina Rodriguez, who played Jane in Jane the Virgin
  • Jessica Maria Garcia, who played Willow in Liv and Maddie and Jasmine in On My Block
  • Nathan Arenas, who played Jorge in Bunk’d.

Doogie Kameāloha, M.D is the second show I recommend. This is best described as a 16 year old who lives her life as a doctor and a teenager. The concept is great as it is a medical drama/show catered to a younger audience (perhaps pre-teen to young adult), where the cast is also relatively young. It opens teenagers’ eyes as to how the medical field is about in a non-confusing/understanding way, as many medical shows tend to not be. Its execution served since the vibe is light but serious when it needs to be, and interesting with the engaging plots. Some actors you may recognize are:

  • Peyton Elizabeth, who played Andi in Andi Mack
  • Alex Aiono, a youtuber and singer

If you’re one who enjoys animated shows, Miraculous Ladybug is a great show too! The concept is that two teenagers, Adrien and Marinette, who live double lives as a normal kid and a superhero, Cat Noir and Ladybug. They (their superhero forms) fight together to save Paris from the danger that frequently occurs. But, the thing is, Marinette (the human form of Ladybug) has a massive crush on Adrien, while Adrien (the human form Cat Noir) has a massive crush on Ladybug. They have a crush on each other, but in different forms, which leads to funny and adorable situations from the miscommunication. The show is originally in French but with the dub, if you prefer to listen in another language, is really good and hardly noticeable.

There are so many more gems that you can find by browsing through the site/app! There’s tons of new (2020+) Marvel movies/shows such as Hawkeye. There’s new Star Wars movies like The Bad Batch and The Book of Boba Fett. High School Musical the Musical the Series is another show that raised a lot of attention that deserves a watch for their amazing soundtrack! There’s also non-fiction documentaries like Life Below Zero which shows those who like in the negative degrees areas of Alaska. Then, there are the obvious PG movies, like Encanto, the original Disney princess movies, and the classics (90s- early 2000s) like Home Alone and Night at The Museum. There’s shows for every season, holiday, mood, and personal preference. If you have it, don’t sleep on Disney Plus!