New Year, New Rules?

Elle Celio

Is the Sudden Application of Strict Rules Having a Positive or Negative Impact on Carver Center’s Ambiance?

    Carver Center, a school widely known for its students’ passions, has abruptly changed its atmosphere in a way that makes countless students feel unsatisfied. While it is clear that the administration is looking to reestablish itself after COVID, and all the strain it caused the school culture, these new rules may actually serve to instill a less open and free-minded perspective in students, to the detriment of the school’s creative and action oriented atmosphere.

     Carver Center creatives, from the upperclassmen to the incoming freshmen, all expect this unique school to stand out and offer unparalleled opportunities. While the administration applies a strict application of rules, a multitude of students worry that Carver Center will soon lose the specific ambiance that they all know and love, one which was continuously accepting to everyone from all aspects including: sexual orientation, gender, self expression, race, enthicity and religion. These attributes are often overlooked in outside schools. Students worry that changing the rules will change everything, the good and the bad. 

     Prior to this, Carver only loosely adhered to the unnecessary rules that many outside schools follow; dresscode, no cell-phone policies, the prohibition of outside food and drink, and hall passes. However, these rules could possibly signal a new era for Carver students that they will have to gain strained acquaintance with as school begins. The once open-minded and unruly environment changing into a strict one-way system can, altogether, feel unnatural. There is no consideration for whether or not we can persist in the unmatched vulnerability that Carver Center has to offer. 

      Although the visually-pleasing halls never fail to curate an artist’s inspiration, we as a community stem from each other. Carver is fueled by its thousands of talented creators where their differences are valued, not limited. The atmosphere is riveting and it should remain that way.