10 Jobs To Get This Summer

Haleigh Frye, Journalist

Time and time again I find myself stressing myself out about my future. So many questions rush through my head, but I know I am not the only one. Between school, sports, friends, grades, homework and more, we have little to no time to add anything to our very busy schedule. Just know you are not alone with this concept. High school is one of your busiest years, but also some of your most important. I have been faced with this contradicting idea that I need a job, despite never having the time to maintain a real job.Therefore, I dug a little deeper to find simple summer jobs for people like me. Here are 10 summer jobs for busy teenagers.

Number 1: The most common summer job coming in number 1, a lifeguard. I mean who wouldn’t want to sit on a tall stand, globs of sunscreen only on your nose, as red as a lobster, tan lines that outline the shape of your sunglasses, sweating with a whistle resting on your dry and crusty lips. Sounds like life doesn’t it? Oh and you might think that it doesn’t get worse, but it definitely does. Just wait until you must give CPR to the crusty 10-year-old boy with bad pizza breath, you know the one that didn’t wait 30 minutes after eating to go swimming. Such a little dare devil. I do not recommend this job if you aren’t the best at swimming. Personally I would probably sink to the bottom before I can stop little Jimmy from choking on his pizza in the pool.

Number 2: This has to be babysitting, I know what you’re thinking. Ew, kids. Let me tell you, do you really think it can get better than spending your friday nights with little ankle biter children? Nope. Although you might get stains on your shirt, forced to play hide and seek all the time and “Baby Shark” stuck in your head on repeat, it is a pretty convincing job considering it pays well. 

Number 3: Become a Camp Counselor, what could go wrong? You get eaten by a bear? Probably. On the brighter side, if you don’t die you get to lead fun arts and crafts, sports, games, camping and other hobbies. So, as long as you make sure little Sarah doesn’t shove a glue stick up her nose, this will be the perfect job for you.  

Number 4: I know what you might be thinking, i wouldn’t wanna go anywhere near a book during summer either but money is money. Being a Tutor could be a great option for any teenager. Did World War 1 start in the 1800’s? As long as you say yes, you should be okay. I mean really, who wants to learn during the summer? But with  little Charlie’s mother wanting him to get into Harvard after failing the fourth grade, those desperate mothers might be the reason you are rich one day.

Number 5: Mowing the lawn has to be another great option. Who doesn’t want to be sweaty, have their legs filled with grass shavings that stick to your legs,bugs smacking you in your forehead. You will most likely get paid a decent amount of money, but I think it is more of the experience that counts.  There are some exceptions, if you have a riding lawnmower, there is nothing better than flying around and doing doughnuts on a zero turn lawn mower while getting a nice tan. Just stay far away from the bugs.

Number 6: Just become a Dog walker already, unless you are severely allergic to dogs, you definitely need this job. If you are severely allergic to dogs, you still need this job. I mean imagine getting to spend all your time with a joyful little fluff ball and getting paid for it. As long as the dog does not end up walking you (dragging you down the street) instead, the job sounds amazing. 

Number 7: Your local movie theater is calling your name. Spend your Friday and Saturday nights cleaning pounds of popcorn off of the floor. Watch out for the pee on the floor, especially when it comes to scary movies. With this job comes a new best friend, a broom and a dust pan. 

Number 8: Walmart is another top tier option, cleanup on aisle 9? You’ll be there. An old grumpy white lady requesting a manager because a kid hit her with a cart? You’ll be there. A grandma needs help reaching the top shelf so she doesn’t dislocate her hip? You’ll be there. All around Walmart is full of life experiences that are essential and i think everyone should experience at some point in their lives if they really want to survive in this world. 

Number 9: I’m lovin’ it” yeah, so will we when we head on down and get a job at mcdonalds. Nothing better than spending your days making food that “slaps”… I think they mean killed. But uhm, just stay far away from the kids play place unless you wanna leave the place smelling like pee and having bite marks on your ankles. 

Number 10: It’s never too early to get into acting, they say, hey i think disney channel is calling your name. It is guaranteed that you will end up with lots of money, a mental health issue, or even both. So if you also wanna end up absolutely insane and miserable. Maybe you should give that agent a call after all. 

Actually.. Maybe we should wait to get a job after all. Don’t feel the pressure, just have fun while you can and everything will take its place.