The Music Taste of Carver Center



Elle Celio

Carver Center, a school that prioritizes the individuality and expression of their students, is undoubtedly filled with unique people with a variety of interests, specifically music. Music can serve many purposes in a student’s life, whether it’s a passion, a therapy, an inspiration for future creations or simply its dopamine release. Where uniqueness is important to the community of Carver Center, it is vital to understand each individual by asking a few simple questions regarding their interests in music. 

Through a simple google form, a display of three, straightforward questions were open for the students of Carver Center to answer. They were asked: What is your favorite genre? What is your favorite band/artist? and What is your favorite song? Out of the nineteen people that responded to the questionnaire, there were a variety of replies, as expected. To be specific, eleven people said that they enjoy listening to rock (including alternative, indie and modern rock), three shared their interest in r&b, two favorited post punk, while the rest described how they like any genre of music. In the band and song sections of the form, each person had contrasting choices from each other. 

Throughout the process of reading each response, it was a unique experience seeing how all of the students had differing opinions when it came to music. Although the questions were fairly easy and it didn’t consume much time to give a simple reply, taking a quaint part of their day to express an unknowingly distinct part of themselves was extremely interesting to learn.