Vtuber World Domination in Sight


Comparison of 3D models from SIFAS, Liella! (Love Live! Superstar!!), and Link! Like! Love Live! (the newest vtuber generation).

Sandy Xu, Class of 2025

Vtubers are currently taking over the world. Love Live, an anime idol franchise has a new generation known as Link! Like! Love Live! Unlike their predecessors, they will be performing more vtuber-related activities, as can be seen from their new song covers and model styles. 

The Love Live! School Idol Project series started back in the year of 2013 with the group known as μ. As the years went on, the groups of Aquors, Nijigasaki (and yes, not Nijisanji), and Liella were gradually added in, with each having their own anime series, art styles, songs, and/or live performances. Over the years, the difference between their 2D and 3D animation used for their MVs became hardly noticeable.

When the models for Link! Like! Love Live! came out, it could be clearly seen that they were 3D, especially when their hands moved, or their heads turned. Even when you compare it to the animations in their game known as SIFAS (School Idol Festival ALL STARS) which utilizes 3D models, it is apparent that the new generation looks to be much more 3D. Because it had already been established that they were vtubers and that they are using virtual models, this aspect didn’t matter as much.

The rising popularity of vtubers has influenced the Love Live franchise to change the direction of their animation style quite noticeably. From this, it can be seen just how much the vtuber industry has expanded.