The Dangers of REALITY

The Dangers of REALITY

If you’d like to prevent your mental health from deteriorating even further, minimize the amount of stress that you already hold due to school, and make the most of your time … never use REALITY. 

Okay, just to clarify, before you decide to run away from the real world and never interact with another human being again, I’m not talking about “reality” as if in the world that we exist in; I’m talking about REALITY, a vtubing app in which you can use a 3D avatar to interact with your audience and collaborate with other fellow streamers. REALITY offers fun little games that you can play with your friends and the ability to personalize your avatar. Sounds fun, right?

Not really. Not that REALITY isn’t a great app. I myself have used it before to test my language skills with streamers of other regions (and admittedly, getting hooked on the gachas and trying to beat certain games). But the problem lies in certain beings that lurk on REALITY. 

Occasionally, one can find themselves coming into contact with spam messages trying to offer “hot gfs.” I mean, it isn’t that bad. You can find those types of messages everywhere. Plus, REALITY has started using chat requests as a way to limit those interactions. However, that doesn’t stop desperate users from flirting on-stream and through your personal messages. They will dig out as much personal information as they can, typically starting with your age.

These types of beings have no qualms about going after minors. In fact, their advances become more enthusiastic the younger the streamer seems. Do not, I repeat, do not interact with these beings. Ignore and block them immediately.

However, if you’re lucky enough and you meet the right people, you could meet some of your best friends there. Perhaps you’ll gain more confidence and social skills. Perhaps you’ll enjoy yourself. Perhaps you’ll spend your life’s fortune on the gachas.

If you’re bored enough, go ahead. Download REALITY and build a pretty avatar that you’ll love staring at 24/7. Have fun with social interaction. Lose to your gacha impulses, and get addicted to maintaining your DAILY streak for streaming. All of that is okay (unless it somehow endangers your life). Just, please, don’t interact with those beings.