Killer Bands According to Elle Celio: A Run-Off of the Podcast “Underrated”

Elle Celio

I would be a liar if I said my taste in music is superb. Because, let’s be real, everyone has different opinions when it narrows down to the music that they enjoy. However, I will say that the bands I revolve myself around are incredible and worth a shot. But, they are unheard of by the majority of society, which (in my opinion) should not be. So, here is a list of killer bands and a few of their songs that I think deserve a boost! 


Killer Bands According to Me:

  1. Horsegirl (We all saw this coming) 
  • “Billy”
  • “Sea Life Sandwich Boy” 
  • “History Lesson Part 2”
  1. Lifeguard
  • “I know I know”
  • “Fifty Seven” 
  • “New Age (I’ve Got A)” 
  1. Dwaal Troupe 
  • “Some Blood for Luna” 
  • “Brain Dial”
  • “Shakes The Walls At Night” 
  1. The Clinic 
  • “D.T. – Filthy Mix”
  • “IPC Sub-Editors Dictate Our Youth” 
  • “Cement Mixer”