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    Desire Paths at Carver Center

    Carver Center students are not drawn to stay between the lines. Whether that be in their art, or their sidewalks, Carver students are not fond of conformity.

    Desire Paths are trails unintentionally created by pedestrians while traveling from one point to another. They are most commonly seen on the corners of sidewalks, next to paved streets, etc. Desire Paths represent a yearning for a less confining society. Although these paths may seem like an eyesore and a depiction of laziness, they ultimately symbolize the greater need for better city and urban planning, and display the natural human desire to choose. 

    Desire Paths at Carver Center are important. They are the paths that we walk every day where we’re not supposed to. They are the corners we cut every day, just because\. They say a lot about the decisions that we make every day. Carver’s desire paths have become everyday routes for most. I hope that they continue to stay and display the journeys that students make daily.


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