First Week of the Rest of my Life (or Just the Rest of the Year)


Second Floor Halls of Carver Center during classes.

Sienna Kemp, Journalist

Although school has just started, students are already getting back into a rhythm with strong vigor. Focused students are a common sight in classrooms so far and it’ll no doubt continue to be a common sight. I believe a lot of students this year are taking their studies more seriously than later years, especially after everything that happened with Covid. Maybe it’s a feeling of lost time or maybe it’s just a reaction to the new policies in place this year? Either way, It’s a good change to help get grades up and ready for the future ahead.

It doesn’t take long to spot a science lab in the halls! There was a Physics lab in the hallway, making a linear graph by timing how many times a ball can be passed between two people with 2 meters between them in 60 seconds. It’s great to see science labs and hands-on learning taking place already. I can say, as someone who’s currently taking AP Physics, the labs make everything feel like school is actually back in session.

There’s a lot of new things at Carver this year, new teachers, policies, and of course new students! There are mixed feelings on these recent changes from all sides. The new Hall-Pass policy has mixed reactions, but mostly positive from what I can tell. Some see it as a hassle to go and grab a pass every time you leave a class but others think of it as a new way to just take accountability for doing as  you’re told. 

The new teachers are getting into the Carver groove and have a bright year ahead of them. 

All in all, I see a great year ahead of Carver Center!