The Take-A-Poem Board in the LMC, a whiteboard with four poems available to take.

Annabel Vetock

Heading into the Carver Center Library, before entering the maze of books, I find the Take-a-Poem board sitting right inside the doors. 

Take one of the four poems by Ellen Bass, Elizabeth Barnett, Lyrae Van Clief Stefanon, and Michael Field, all of whom are female poets. Michael Field is actually a pseudonym for the aunt and niece duo, Katherine Harris Bradley and Edith Emma Cooper. Each poem is a unique and beautiful read.

Looking at the poem board, we see a part of the Carver Culture. We’re celebrating art in its every form, immersing ourselves in it as we walk through the halls.

The board was started last year, by our librarian Ms. Jannotti, as a way to share poems from the Academy of American Poets. The board exemplifies one of the library’s long-standing powers: introducing us to different forms of literature. The board can be your gateway to poetry, without the fuss of an English class, or of choosing from the countless options on the internet or in the library (which can easily seem overwhelming). 

Don’t miss out on the Take-a-Poem board. Use it for discovery; enjoy a new art form. 

Just take a poem. Or four.