The Literary Prime: An Essential Part of Ourselves, Yet An Unaccounted Part of Our School.


Carver Center, the school of proficient individuals in the arts and technology, cultivates several talents through a separation of primes. Each magnet is important to the community of Carver Center, however, some are unrecognized more than others, specifically the literary major. Although literature is a necessary part of the human connection, it lacks representation from the range of artists who express their creativity differently when an equilibrium of appreciation is  deserved. 

Tai, a senior in the literary prime at Carver Center, expresses that, “I feel like we are not appreciated enough when we are just as engaging as the other primes.” They began to illuminate how the smallest amount of recognition within the Carver Center community can flourish the literary prime into something more than it is perceived to be. They further indicate that in order to be taken care of by the community, “we need more exposure.” Tai shares that a collaboration between the literary and visual primes would cultivate attraction. “There is a lot of overlap in what we do.” says Tai, “and throughout my time in this prime, I have just been wondering: How can we collaborate?” Aside from collaborating with other primes, Tai mentions the difficulty in representation regarding awards. “We are lucky enough for them to even say our names,” says Tai, “last year, when our (Scholastic Art and Writing) awards were announced, they didn’t really say anything about the Lit kids when we got the majority of awards in general.” There are several ways to incorporate the literary prime into Carver Center, but when will the capability of doing so be taken seriously? 

A form of art so strong to our souls, is left undeservingly forgotten in a place of blossoming creatives where art is supposed to be shared, valued and appreciated for everyone. However, the closure that literary students continue to rely on, needs to be exchanged for exposure. The ability to make changes within Carver Center is certainly possible, but nonetheless, it stays the same. It is important to recognize that the literary prime is pure of thought, time, energy and a love for what they do. It is not just another required reading class for these students, it’s their passion.