Kiran Shere-Wolfe, Journalist


Creativity in Carver Center is always rampant. Students from all primes work together to create fantastic works that inspire and entertain. This aura of creativity that makes Carver so unique is perfectly described through the internet TV show  Drink Reviews. Despite being outside the art prime and its film program, four Carver students came together to share their creative interests and develop their own unique show, not allowing their restrictions to prevent them from expressing their art.  



 Drink Reviews is a American tv show founded by Henry Mcdonald, Kaiden Brooks, Dylan Saint Pierre and Owen Pierre. Before talking about Drink Reviews let me introduce the four charismatic co-hosts. Henry McDonald is a senior in IT and is well known for his love of the 100 gecs wizard, obscure bands from Denmark, an unhealthy obsession with Neon Genisis Evangelion and drinks of all kinds. He is the most common host of Drink Reviews, featured in every episode. Shaggy look-a-like Kaiden Brooks is also a junior in IT and enjoys power violence punk bands, leather jackets and drinks of all kinds. Dylan Saint Pierre, also known as Thom York, is a junior in DIM and is regarded by many as the best singer of all time with the voice of a creamy golden angel who also likes drinks of all kinds. And last but not least, shaggy look-a-like and local drainer and  junior culinary wizard Owen Pierre, who enjoys Bladee, cool stuff, Geico insurance and drinks of all kinds.  


 Drink Reviews itself is relatively simple in concept. But with its simplicity is also its genius. Each episode ranges from 2-20 minutes and focuses around a (nonalcoholic) drink. Each episode a new drink is shared amongst the hosts and guests such as Nate Fink, Daniel O’Byan. The episodes also include visual and audio gags as well as anecdotes and side plots that add to its richness. The drink is then reviewed, and a score is given. 


 I was fortunate enough to get an exclusive interview with the four young stars and got lots of insight into what goes behind the surface of Drink Reviews.  


 I started off by inquiring about the origins and of Drink Reviews. Dylan saint Pierre explained the origins of Drink Reviews started “a running joke between a group of people for a little while to start reviewing drinks on social media, and any time we went out and bought any drinks we would review them amongst ourselves.” The first episode was made around Christmas when the group “were at a grocery store and saw a bottle of Sprite Cranberry, which we all immediately agreed would make for a perfect, seasonal first episode of Drink Reviews.” Dylan continued by talking about the original goals of Drink Reviews. Drink Reviews started simply as “a one-time thing, initially meant to be a silly parody of the semi-sensationalist, semi-awkward “review” channel phenomenon on YouTube and Instagram.” However, this dynamic changed when the group “we were at this party and came across a couple of drinks that caught our eye. Throughout the night, we started making jokes about how we could incorporate these into a drink review, and this snowball just kept growing and growing until we reached this abstract, non-serialized plot with an ensemble cast of guest appearances from our friends.” Upon this revelation Drink Reviews shifted to more avant garde They. Dylan finished by explaining “We realized that Drink Reviews could be whatever we wanted it to be. From that moment on, that taste of freedom, it became this free-form entity, unrestricted by its own boundaries, constantly morphing into whatever tool we need to artistically express ourselves.” 


 The process of creating Drink Reviews is often complex and holds numerous nuances that don’t translate well into writing. Henry simplified the process for a simple neanderthal like me, explaining “We usually just get bored and decide to do one in someone’s car or something. Sometimes we plan them out first, so they fit a theme or a gimmick, but usually we just review a drink and add all the other stuff later.”. Dylan followed up with an anecdote about the production of the Cream episode. He explained “we went thrift shopping one night and filmed about 15 minutes of a thrift haul to include with the Cream episode, which produced my favorite segment of Drink Reviews ever. However, due to unforeseen and unplanned disruptions in filming, we made the decision to keep this footage in the vault.”. It goes to show that the form of entertainment we all appreciate can often be taken for granted, the creation of such a masterpiece is tedious and requires a full effort to extract its full potential. 


 I then discussed the plans for Drink Reviews in the future, after all with such success, there’s no telling what the limit will be. While Drink Reviews have just been for fun, a couple episodes have ideas behind them, but none of them have been made with morals or messages in mind. Henry and the group have been looking for ways to expand on their creativity, and perhaps insert more meaning into their show as well as inviting more guests. Kaiden Brooks when questioned on the future of Drink Reviews simply stated: “Drink Reviews will end when the world ends.”Kaiden continued by discussing their marketing plans and competitors. He is “working towards getting Drink Reviews dubbed and subbed in different languages to expand our audience. I hope to one day reach audiences in Eastern Asia including China.”


When asked if Drink Reviews could compete with other successful mainstream franchises like Star Wars, he stated: “Drink Reviews is not the new Star Wars. Star Wars started as a big phenomenon but was ruined by horrible sequels. Drink Reviews is not only bigger than Star Wars but will have a greater legacy.” The future seems bright, especially for a franchise as successful as Drink Reviews, failure seems impossible. However, Dylan treads forward with caution, holding concern over creative conflicts, stating: “Each of our desires to express our artistic ideas and commentary to an uninterrupted extent is trampled by our fellow creator’s desires to do the same. I wish we had included the Thrift Reviews segment in the project, but eventually came to a compromise that left my artistic desires unfulfilled. The world may never see our thrift haul. My biggest worry for the future of Drink Reviews is that we will run out of drinks, but this also motivates us to find more interesting drinks.”  Owen Pierre continued this discussion. While Drink Reviews has grown from its roots and blossomed into the new form of traditional American art, Owen, who has a deep love and personal connection with the program viewing it as his “Magnum Opus” voiced his concern with this shift, stating “I believe that Drink Reviews will not stand the test of time unless we make some drastic changes because the episode are very long and dragged out so that may turn some people away from watching the full episode.” Dylan added that “The concept of serialization has become arbitrary, leaving the significance of setting and recurring characters up to the interpretation of the audience. It has grown blatantly meta at times, like in episode 8, where the review is shot over a projection of previous episodes on the wall. Today, Drink Reviews knows no bounds, and holds no inherent goals – it serves as a platform for whatever we need it to be.” 


 I wanted to finish off my discussion with the four by asking them about their own thoughts on Drink Reviews. I asked what the group’s favorite episode was to start. Henry said the “Milk episode is my favorite because mi proud of the editing. I’ve always really liked things that feel dreamy and surreal, so I wanted to try making something that was beautiful and hazy and hypnotic like that. I think it more or less turned out the same as i wanted it to be in my head, so it’s my favorite.”. When asked what the best and worst drinks were, Owen held a disgust for “eggnog on the 3rd episode.” 



Drink Reviews is by no means a small show and holds a staggering number of regular viewers. I wanted to ask what other people thought of the show. Literary expert and avid communist Sakura Buker stated, “Drink Reviews is cool”. Death Grips enthusiast and super nice fella Tai Adebowale stated “Drink Reviews is the best thing to happen to me since I was saved from a near death car crash.” Julia Silver, well known for her skeleton themed comedic stylings and love for pink wool knit beanies stated “Drink Reviews is the only thing in my life that holds meaning. It completes me. Without Drink Reviews I would be lost, like a sheep without a Sheppard. I am Truly grateful to the cast of Drink Reviews for everything they have done for me. They are like a carpenter with a long beard from 100 B.C. who can turn water into wine and stuff, but cooler.”. Black Country New Road fan and brother of Owen Pierre, Margot Pierre, also added: “I love Drink Reviews as much as I love grape mixed with lukewarm unflavored yogurt and oats.” Saul Weatherholtz, regarded as the buffest man alive, and known for his intense loathing of running, and intense love of Mario explained “Drink Reviews is a tedious mess that is boring and not fun. However, it is also necessary. Each episode I trudge through minutes of nonsense and agony to find out the review of the drink. It is the only reliable source, which sucks, but I guess I do love it in my own complicated way.” While Drink Reviews is adored by many, there are a select few degenerates who despise the show for no apparent reason other than their own malice and insecurity. Liam Gibson, avid baby hater and vegetarian despises Drink Reviews having “Not watched a single episode, dude. I don’t really have any opinions.” After the question he proceeded to tackle and maim a water bottle baby with his bare hands. Reformed Politician and corn shucker enthusiast Charlie Broderick said “Mwahahahaha! I am Evil! Mwahahahahaha! I hate Drink Reviews! Mwhahahahaha!”. David Lovo, well known for his lust for Foxy Plushies, you did it David you know what you did, you did it, stop denying it, you know what you did, admit to it David, you know, said “I think Drink Reviews is the opposite of a Foxy Plushie.” Henry, upon hearing of these malicious no gooders said “The world should be a peaceful and happy place for pacifists like me. Live and love man. Stop the hate. Haters like these need to open their hearts to love. Anyone who doesn’t like Drink Reviews should be put down like a rabid dog”  


 It’s undeniable the effects Drink Reviews have had on this community. Beginning as a humble project and evolving into the new norm for artistic expression and craft, Drink Reviews is taking the world by storm and is just getting started. If you are one of the naïve simple minded foolish fools to not have heard of Drink Reviews, I strongly encourage you to go Check it out. The link to their Instagram will be at the bottom of the article and you can find them @drinkreviews2. For digital readers episode two will also be attached to this article to watch.  Kaiden Brooks beautifully summarized it. “To me, Drink Reviews is a chance to get away from all the evils of the world and take a mental reset. Our world is a darn cruel place, and it won’t stop for anyone, but those moments of peace, those moments of stillness…… that is the kingdom of god.” A message I think we can all agree with.