The Light Lock Ghost


The disaster that the light lock ghost left behind

Sandy Xu, Class of 2025

On January 4, 2023, the sophomore DPA (Design and Production for the Actor) class was given a challenging task: creating a hero or monster costume from scratch using paper and cardboard. Each group of four was assigned a theme that they had to follow. Throughout the process, new components such as lighting, sound, props, backdrops, etc. were gradually introduced. 

As this project progressed, we began to notice something interesting: none of our projects ever stayed in the same place! We would neatly leave our projects in the light lock, and the very next class, all of them were messily mixed together! None of us had moved the projects, so we came to a conclusion … there was a ghost in the light lock!

Mikailah Mitchell, sophomore of the acting prime testifies, “[It was] the ghost in the light lock. I saw it. It tried to snatch my project away. When I turned away for a single second, everything that I placed down had been moved. No, it actually did. It moved all our stuff, and it took us thirty minutes to find it.” Several other students have had similar experiences, myself included. Mitchell also mentioned, “I thought I heard a voice saying something like, ‘Set me free. Move these things like me.’ It was like, really weird.”

Based on this testimony, we can conclude that the ghost must move items in an attempt to lure other students to do the same. Current lore says that if other people follow the ghost’s example, the ghost becomes free and that person becomes the next ghost haunting the school.