Senior Spotlights – Tracey DuBois

Carver Center for Arts and Tech’s senior carpentry class is full of many hard working, persevering, strong shining faces. But there is one star who hides behind the rest, and is one of the most unique stars indeed. This article is all about Tracey DuBois, or as I like to call him, the “Quiet Climber”.

Tracey is seen by the school as, well… to be honest Tracey isn’t seen much at all. He is very incognito, undercover, while not many people know his name he definitely is well known for Airdropping funny content during B-day 1st lunch. His teachers and counselors know him as reserved, highly intelligent, and an out the box thinker when approaching problems. Mrs. Duhala even noted that when somebody doesn’t have a partner in class, he often fills that role, and applies the concepts of Physics to the anatomical human body just as readily. Tracey would know a lot about physics, as he rock climbs outside of school. Now I know you’re thinking of the rock climbing wall at Sky Zone where you decided to conquer during your little cousin’s 7th birthday party, but Tracey’s rock climbing skills are far more advanced than that. Tracey actually climbs mountains.


Outdoor rock climbing is extremely challenging. Not only are you supporting your own weight, you’re supporting the weight of an extremely long rope tied into a harness around your waist and all your safety gear. Climbing can be especially hard when exposed to different climates, as climbs can last for hours, and often you have to hold fixed positions to secure the rope into the rock. Knowing Tracey readily confronts this quintessentially challenge was extremely impressive, especially because once I saw a video of him on the wall, he made it look exceptionally easy, easier than walking. His placements of hands and feet look natural as he’s precise and diligent with his movements, making him what I would deem a pro rock climber.

While Tracey can seem reserved and shy to the public eye, his friends know him to be funny and charismatic, and he often can be seen joking around with his friends Kenny and John. They stated that their favorite memory with Tracey was ripping his shirt off in the Carver parking lot and often mention the fact he can juggle up to five objects at one time. Tracey can be found in the Carpentry hallway making jokes, laughing with his friends, and of course working on refining his wooden works. He pays the same attention to his craftsmanship as he pays to his placement on the rock climbing wall, as his works are known to be clean and precise. I asked Mr.Loverde, the Carpentry Prime teacher about Tracey, to which he insightfully responded, “Tracey is a rock climber, each foot and hand hold is steady and planned.Tracey approaches his Carpentry projects [the same way], as if he were rock climbing…”


So when you see Tracey, if you can find him, make sure to congratulate him on being the 2023 Carpentry Senior Spotlight for the Carver Catalyst.