Senior Spotlight – Ashleigh Linda


Visual arts is the biggest prime at Carver Center: which include 7 different types of classes, 10-30 students each class, and about 60 students per class year! With so many people and styles. recognition. One of those people who deserve to be recognized is Ashleigh Linda. Ashleigh is a multimedia artist who uses oil paints, photography, different drawing media, and crochet creating a never seen before style. 

During her sophomore year, she was inspired by disruptive realism, notably Martin Campos. In which led to experimentation with an abstract mark and kept using it till her last years at Carver.. She used these marks in her pieces in order to help  reflect her feelings and relationships in her work. With the mark clearly visible, you don’t really grasp what she’s saying. You’ll have to look closely to discover the beauty and seriousness that’s within her work. But she also started to experiment with creating 3D pieces due to her being in AP studio. 

While asking about her to Mrs.Shovlin, she dubbed Ashleigh as the “perfect carver student” throughout her time at Carver. The reason why she came to this claim is because of her ability to immerse herself into her paintings and creativity. But also to not be afraid of mistakes but rather learn and see the beauty of “imperfections” within her work. So if you’re a young artist reading this or an artist in general I hope you can be influenced by Ashleigh through how she works and her thirst for creativity.