Senior Spotlight – Annelese Atkinson


Claudia Rodriguez, Journalist

Among wonderful dancers, there is often always one that stands out in both their specialty and their character. Annelese Atkinson is an easy example that comes to mind. With her position in ballet five and her friendly personality, it makes her more than spectacular. Her passion in her craft is very obvious, making others around her admire her.

Annelese is described by a variety of people as “nice”. But most importantly, she is “diligent and hardworking,” as said by Elle Pusateri. Elle also commented that “she is easy to talk to and a fun person to be around.”Aside from Dance, Annelese specializes in volleyball, which she will play at Lebanon Valley College, where she will be majoring in exercise science. During her years at Carver, she has been a supportive teammate on her volleyball team. Eliana Harper, one of her dance-mates commented, “Annelese is, like, the most kind person I’ve ever met… She is quiet but [has an] incredible perspective and just always a positive, calm energy.”

Her teachers also had marvelous things to say about her, with Ms. Powell commenting,”Annalise Atkinson is an amazing, dancer, scholar, and performer that has shown excellence in all areas for four years at Carver Center. Her progress is due to her diligence and consistency in arts and academics.” Her other dance teacher, Ms. Royals, also commented, “Annelese is focused, disciplined, and positive. Her dedication to doing good work is unmatched. She is always looking for ways to improve herself and takes advantage of every opportunity for personal growth.”