Senior Spotlight – Janay Rice

Nia Davis

Senior Spotlight – Janay Rice


When you think of the Design and Production prime, a lot of names and figures may come to mind; But was one of those people Janay Rice? Janay is an exceptional senior that has done lots for the prime, but who you might not know because she tends to fly under the radar. By creating this article I hope to bring her contributions to light and show how much she truly is appreciated not only within the prime but within the entire carver community.

The design and production prime requires  dedication to the tedious work they go through, and myriad design skills: which Janey is equipped with. While her main area of production is sound she, like many of the top designers at the school, is a jack of all trades. Throughout her four years here at Carver, she hasn’t designed for a show but has worked tirelessly nonetheless on them as a part of the sound team. Her ability to complete any tasks given to her without hesitation is what really sets her apart from the rest. Janay completes her work to the highest standard without any need for reward. “She does her work and leaves,” said David Duncan, one of Janay’s classmates. 

One may wonder why Janany hasn’t gotten her flowers yet? While her work speaks volumes, she often does not. She is referred to as a rather quiet person, only saying what she  deems necessary in the classroom. But she is also known to crack hilarious jokes and remarks once you get to know her. “Funny” and “laid back” were the words that her peers used to describe her, and I think that those are the perfect words for this exceptional student. 

After talking to Janay’s prime teachers Ms.Young and Ms.Fleshman, they only had things to add to the list of compliments when describing Janay and her contributions to the design and production prime. Ms.Yong told me, “Whatever task is given to Janay, she is able to accomplish it,” and “She has been a quiet diamond in the rough, very on the low key side but amazing talent for what she can do.” Another one of Janays classmates, Jordan Woods, classified Janay as, “Very caring, and has no problem with doing things for other people even if they don’t reciprocate that same energy”. These words just corroborate Janay’s character and ability to help those around her without the need for recognition or award.

All in all, Janay Rice is a name that you should know. She is off to Coppin University next year to continue educational career with a major in health information and a minor in management information systems. With Janay’s departure she is leaving behind a void within the dp department that will be difficult to fill. However, wherever life takes her I’m sure that she will exceed and carry over the same skills and work ethic that she displaced in design and production to her future endeavors.