2020: A shopping story


The 2020 Christmas shopping experience is a whole new frontier. Online deals lasting way past black Friday and Cyber Monday. Longer lines at stores that are tapped out. Face masks mandatory for the well-being of everyone. Online retailers rolling in money and Amazon workers rushing to fill orders. 

First off, if we can address the elephant in the room, there’s a pandemic going on. Hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, and for a lot of families; Christmas won’t be the same. With a vaccine on the way, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But here are some decent shopping tips. 1) if you are going out to shop, wear a mask, warm clothing, bring hand sanitizer no matter what, and try to do as least transaction where a currency is exchanged. ( also for all the cashiers out there EXACT change or card, the change shortage is real) 2) try to do online shopping, and try to do it early. There are going to be more people online shopping than ever, and you want to be ahead of the game. 3) set good budgets on gifts and don’t go overboard. You will regret it after the 25th.

Covid-19  has changed up the whole shopping game. Lines are going to be longer due to the six feet rule, and a lot of people will be waiting outside of stores. So a friendly reminder: if you’re out shopping in person, please, PLEASE, try to treat each other with compassion. There are a lot of those going through the motions and on edge. Don’t fight over frivolous things over who’s exactly 6 feet apart, or who got the last PlayStation, or whose political party you side with, because in the end we are one country, one world, and we all bleed red. 

Now, it’s time for 2020’s top gifts and purchases.

1) ANY PAPER GOOD “for some reason we just can’t get enough”

2) New XBOX Series X “series s needs to go and sit down somewhere”

3) The new play station 5 “sold out everywhere except Pluto”

4) Master class subscription “so you can brag about making sourdough loaves of bread and bougie dishes ”

5) New TV’s “gotta watch the world burn on a nice screen”

6) Blankets “gotta watch the world burn comfortably and on a nice screen ”

7) Ancestry kits “find out why the world is the way it is…”   

8 Believe it or not, but a Lodge cast iron skillet ” when you need to eat healthily, and have the option to defend yourself ”

9) New phones ” totally not repetitive and overpriced ”

And at 10) Laptops “virtual meet lags and hacking has taken its toll”

Well, I hope that this article has eased the stress and fear of this Christmas shopping season. But this is mainly a time for a nation apart to come together, Safely of course, and not just share gifts, but of any blessings that have come across your way. And remember two things: when one door closes, another opens. And that we are together apart.