Sports Recognition

Carver’s new turf athletic field (Rachael Pacella)

When thinking about the “high school experience,” we always think about sports. But when it comes to Carver Center, sports are… not.

Ah, Carver. Ever the liberal arts school. Our brag- or, our laughing point- is that we have a brand new football field, but no football team. Blew our minds as Freshman, but it started to make sense as we went along every year.

We hear: “What high school doesn’t have a football team?” and “What do you do about the homecoming game?” Man, we don’t even know the answer to that!

But what upsets me is the fact that there’s next to no recognition for the teams that do play. I’d hear one game result over the announcements every morning three years ago, but nothing else. I’d win a game and wait to hear it, but end up disappointed every time.

Did you know that the volleyball team and the softball team went undefeated last year? No? Not surprised. What’s surprising, sadly, is that it is in the yearbook.

Sports needs more. Not just good players, but people talking about it and making it part of school hype. It would give athletes more motivation to win, earning more banners in the gym and less derision from  other schools.

In Carver Center, we like to show off all of our talents. Sports is another, physical, form of art, but one that, here, is way too underappreciated.