Where Do I Put My Coat?

Why renting a locker our for the season might be a good idea

Izzy StumpCoale

Summer has drifted back to her bed as the temperatures begin to drop, winter emerges from her slumber, and sweaters come out of closets. For many students, this is the first time attending any academies during colder months in at least two years due to the pandemic hindering in-person attendance at school. Quite literally, we will begin to bundle up. Many have predicted that locker rentals will be on the rise, here at Carver Center. 

Carvers’ recent renovations included an upgraded heating and cooling AC system that incorporates itself into each classroom. Therefore, it’s hard to say what the average temperature of Carver is on a cool winter day, because each temperature varies depending on which classroom you are in. However, the computer labs located in the library always seem to run a bit on the cool side. But the question still simmers; will people end up just carrying the burden of their coats? Or will they rent a locker?  

If you are beginning to feel swayed, the process of renting a locker is relatively simple. The initial step is to go to the office and request a form for a locker rent out. Complete the necessary information and return it to the office. Now, this is the part most people forget: Make sure to check in with lovely secretaries of the main office and inquire about your locker status.

Eventually, you will be assigned a locker and you will be the first to know what the number is by communicating with the office. With the winter season approaching, this is a great opportunity to show off the different fashion styles you are sporting under your coat!